“Tangles” And “Threadlings” Could Be the Statuses Related to Strand in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Who knew thread could be so deadly?

by Amitesh Dhar

The recent weapons and armor trailer revealed two new possible statuses in the form of Tangles and Threadlings with respect to Strand. All set to go live in Destiny 2 Lightfall, there’s not much that we know about this new Darkness-based subclass.

Each subclass in the game has a few status effects that are unique to them. Void has weakened, suppressed, and volatile; Arc has jolt and blind, and so on and so forth. Although Bungie has barely mentioned anything about this subclass, Tangles and Threadlings do have a certain effect on the enemy which does lead us to believe that these are indeed subclass-specific statuses.

Tangles and Threadlings Could Turn Strand Into an Effective Crowd-Controlling Subclass in Destiny 2 Lightfall


For starters, it’s currently unclear how these status effects can be triggered. As seen in the trailer, both these effects were Exotic dependent. But that shouldn’t be the case. There has to be some aspect r fragment related to this subclass that will allow you to trigger these status effects whenever you’re using the subclass.

Moreover, Strand is a word used with respect to threads or any sort of fiber. So going by that logic, Tangles and Threadlings would have to be related to it in some way. That said, Tangles are rather interesting. For now, the only known way to create them is by using the grenade on the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle. However, to create Strand Tangles, you will need its catalyst. How this catalyst can be unlocked is currently unclear, but with Lightfall only a few days away, this won’t remain much of a secret any longer.


Strand Threadlings however, can only be created by destroying Tangles. The Warlock Exotic armor piece known as Swarmers helps you do this. Wearing this Exotic Armor piece, whenever you destroy Tangles, you will create Threadlings that go and attack nearby targets. In the trailer, it was seen that these Threadlings can destroy enemies, but that’s still a mystery for now. You’ll also be able to pick up the Tangles and throw them at enemies. The outcome of this is unknown as well. It will either deal damage to the target, or it will slow them and stun them. We’ll update this piece when we know more about these statuses.

For now, here’s a checklist that will help you prepare for the upcoming expansion. And while you’re working on that checklist, don’t forget to farm these weapons before Destiny 2 Lightfall!

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023

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