How to Complete the Icy Singularity Challenge in Destiny 2

Both cold and nothing at the same time

by J.T. Isenhour

Seasonal challenges in Destiny 2 are a great way to earn Bright Dust. Most challenges have you using a specific weapon type or playing specific activities to earn progress and collect your free dust. However, the Icy Singularity challenge seems to be giving Destiny 2 players some trouble. Let’s go over the Icy Singularity challenge and how to complete it.

What is the Icy Singularity Challenge in Destiny 2?

To many players, this challenge seems like any other challenge. You just need to get Void or Stasis kills with a bonus to killing invaders with the same elements. This makes it feel like it is free Bright Dust since you could knock this challenge out while also doing your Iron Banner challenges.

However, many players have noticed that after playing a few activities and using stasis or void weapons and abilities, they have gained no progression. Thus leaving everyone stumped on how to complete this challenge.

How to Gain Progression on the Icy Singularity Challenge in Destiny 2

The reason many players are not gaining any progression despite following the rules of the challenge is that this challenge has a hidden limitation that should have been listed. The key is in the fact that it mentions bonus progress for killing invaders.

In order to gain any progress on this challenge you need to get Stasis or Void kills in Gambit. While it is not uncommon for seasonal challenges to be activity-specific, they normally have it listed a bit more clearly so players don’t end up confused like they are now.

Sadly this does mean that you can’t double up and complete your Iron Banner challenges at the same time as this one, but now you can at least work on getting your free Bright Dust by playing a bit of Gambit. Hopefully, Bungie will have some sort of Hotfix out soon to correct this issue and allow the challenge to be worked on outside of Gambit or fix the description of the challenge.

Despite not being able to play anything outside of Gambit to complete this challenge, you do still have some options on weapons you can use. So you can still work on finishing off any Void or Stasis pattern weapons from the HELM while collecting motes in Gambit.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on February 3rd, 2023

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