How to Get the Tarnation Pattern and God Roll Perks For Tarnation in Destiny 2

by J.T. Isenhour

Grenade Launchers have always been in an awkward spot in Destiny 2. While special ammo grenade launchers are quite popular, heavy slot grenade launchers tend to be unused by most of the community. However, with some of the recent changes that have been revealed for Lightfall, grenade launchers appear to be coming back.

With the return of many fan-favorite grenade launchers to the meta, like Anarchy. Many players are trying to find a god-rolled grenade launcher to bring with them into Ligthfall. But why farm for a god roll when you can make your own? That’s where Tarnation comes in. This grenade launch was added with Witch Queen and didn’t see much use then, but now many players are striving to get it. Let’s go over how you can get the pattern for Tarnation and what perks you should choose on it for Destiny 2.

How to Get The Pattern For Tarnation in Destiny 2

As with most other craftable weapons in Destiny 2, to get a pattern you will need to find Deepsight versions of the weapon. This means finding a version of Tarnation with a red border. For seasonal weapons, you just need to visit the HELM and buy them from a vendor. However, Tarnation came from the Witch Queen campaign so there is no seasonal vendor for it.

This means that you will need to farm Witch Queen activities to get red border Tarnations. Any activity in Savathun’s Throne World will have a chance to drop a red border version of Tarnation, so go complete as many public events and other activities as you want. Make sure to check what the Daily Wellspring activity weapon is since Tarnation can show up in that rotation and it would make farming it much easier.

Unlike most other pattern weapons, you only need to get your hands on two red border Tarnations in order to fully unlock the pattern. Other weapons will require you to get five deepsight copies of a weapon to unlock the pattern which makes the grind take much longer to complete a pattern.

God Roll Tarnation in Destiny 2

Once you have managed to get your hand on the Tarnation pattern in Destiny 2, you will be able to craft yourself the perfect version of the weapon that you want. Not only that, but you will also be able to slot in enhanced perks in place of regular perks. These will give you the same benefits as the regular perks but with higher stat bonuses to top it off.

For the perks on Tarnation, you will want to pick up Chain Reaction and then combine it with either Field Prep or Clown Cartridge. Chain Reaction will allow this weapon to easily deal with packs of enemies since it causes anyone that dies to this weapon to explode with elemental damage.

Most players will want to stick with Clown Cartridge for the other perk as it overloads the magazine by a random amount so you will always have more shots than you need in a clip. You can choose to take Field Prep if you feel like you are going to be crouching a lot. The perk will give you bonus reload speed and weapon swapping when crouched.

With your perks picked, you will want to pick up Proximity Grenades and Quick Launch for the magazine and barrel. Proximity Grenades will allow the grenade to detect enemies from further away but it will cut down on the blast radius. Quick Launch gives you a big increase in handling speed and projectile speed.

Once you have it all crafted and with enhanced perks, you will probably want to vault it for now until Lightfall since Linear Fusion Rifles are still king until then. However, you can check this off the list of patterns you want to collect before the expansion drops.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023

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