Best Dawn Chorus Build in Destiny 2

Take out your enemies in a blaze of glory

by J.T. Isenhour

With the upcoming changes to armor builds coming with Lightfall, many old exotics in Destiny 2 are starting to look more viable. The Dawn Chorus is an exotic helmet for Warlock that never really saw a lot of love due to the fact that it works the most with Dawnblade and most Warlocks will run Well of Radiance over Dawnblade. With its resurgence, many players are looking into ways they could fit the Dawn Chorus into their build. let’s go over the best Dawn Chorus build you can run in Destiny 2.

Best Build to Run With Dawn Chorus in Destiny 2

The big draw of the Dawn Chorus is the improved scorch effects. While scorch is a great tool for quickly clearing out a group of low-level enemies, its strength in high-level content has made it seem a bit weak. Scorch doesn’t really do much to higher-level enemies, even when causing a detonation since it doesn’t clear them out as it does to lower-level ads.

While many players might be turned off because Dawn Chorus’s short description says that it buffs Daybreak, it also mentions that it buffs scorch. This is where Dawn Chorus really shines because it not only buffs the damage of scorch detonation, but also the passive burn damage it applies.

This means our build will want to be focused on dealing out as much scorch as possible. as such we will want to run the following aspects:

  • Touch of Flame – Fusion, Solar, Firebolt, and Healing grenades have increased effects
  • Heat Rises – Fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding through the air. You can consume your grenade to increase your glide power and increase your weapon’s airborne effectiveness. Final blows while airborne increase the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy.

The main thing you want here is the perks of Heat Rises. Being able to generate melee energy by getting kills in the air will help you keep the chain going. This also works perfectly with weapons like the Calus Mini-Tool. For your Fragments, you will want to run the following:

  • Ember of Ashes – You apply more scorch stacks to targets
  • Ember of Searing – Defeating a scorched target grants melee energy, +10 Recovery
  • Ember of Torches – Powered melee attacks against enemies make both you and nearby allies radiant
  • Ember of Empyrean – Solar final blows extend the duration of restoration or radiant effects, -10 Resilience

You can choose to trade out Ember of Empyrean for Ember of Benevolence if you plan on being around others often. Ember of Benevolence increases your ability regen rate when you apply radiant or restoration effects to others.

For your grenade, you will want to run either the Healing Grenade or the Fusion Grenade. The healing grenade is nice since it works well with Heat Rises and can be used to heal yourself or others in a pinch. It also allows for instant activation of Ember of Benevolence. However, the fusion grenade is great for applying instant scorch to a group of targets since it will explode twice with Touch of Flame.

Finally, you will want to run Incinerator Snap for your melee. This melee is great for applying a bit of scorch to a group of enemies with a single snap. While Celestial Fire does have a longer range, you have to remember that the goal of this build is to apply scorch to as many enemies as possible.

With that, you should be good to go. Make sure to practice a bit on lower-level enemies to make sure you can find the rhythm of the build before throwing yourself into a Grandmaster Strike. The best part of this build is that it will only get better with all the armor changes coming with Lightfall. So make sure to keep it around to slot into one of your loadouts.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023

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