Pokemon GO: How To Get Vivillon – Shiny Chances, Regional Map & Everything You Need To Know

Find out how to get your very on Vivillon In Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki

Trainers within the world of Pokemon GO seem to have more opportunities than ever to start catching some of their favorite Pokemon. From introductions to the Raid Circuit, to being introduced via special events that are happening around the world, players can find more Pokemon than ever in their hometowns and around the world.

Adding to this quest, players will now be able to start adding the Scatterbug family, including the beautiful and brilliant Vivillon to their collections. Vivillon is a special Pokemon because the pattern on their wings will change depending on the region that their prior evolutions are caught in. Lets’ find out everything we need to know about this particular Pokemon, as well as the full regional map of special patterns!

How To Get Vivillon In Pokemon GO

Players that are hoping to add Vivillon to their team will need to start making friends, no matter where they are located. Players that are sending gifts to friends will also want to ensure that they are pinning postcards when they receive a present back, as this is the only way to start encountering Scatterbug in the wild.

After pinning 3 postcards from a particular region, players will receive a special Scatterbug encounter from that particular region. This means, a player in North America could receive a postcard from a player in Japan, and after pinning the postcard to their Postcard Book, they will be treated to a special encounter with Scatterbug!

After putting them through the evolutionary ladder of Spewpa and Vivillon, players will then get a special bug from that specific region! There is plenty to collect, so ensure you are finding and adding players from across the globe!

After the initial encounter, the amount of Pinned Postcards will continue to grow:

  • 3 Pinned Postcards – First Encounter
  • 9 Pinned Postcards – Second Encounter
  • 15 Pinned Postcards – Third Encounter
  • Every Additional Encounter – 15 Pinned Postcards

This will change per region, so players will need to do this particular set of steps for every available variant in the game.

How Many Vivillon Patterns Are In Pokemon GO?

Players that are hoping to have a full collection of Vivillon patterns in their favorite mobile game will need to ensure that they are friends with at least 17 different players, as they’ll be able to find any of the 18 total patterns through gift exchanges. The patterns currently available in this game are as follows:

  • Archipelago Vivillon
  • Continental Vivillon
  • Elegant Vivillon
  • Garden Vivillon
  • High Plains Vivillon
  • Icy Snow Vivillon
  • Jungle Vivillon
  • Marine Vivillon
  • Meadow Vivillon
  • Modern Vivillon
  • Monsoon Vivillon
  • Ocean Vivillon
  • Polar Vivillon
  • River Vivillon
  • Sandstorm Vivillon
  • Savanna Vivillon
  • Sun Vivillon
  • Tundra Vivillon

Where To Find All Vivillon Patterns In Pokemon GO


Players hoping to get their hands on as many Vivillon as possible will want to follow along with the map above to begin trading with friends in these areas. As stated above, receiving 3 gifts from a specific region will grant players the opportunity to capture a Scatterbug from that area and evolve it into the Vivillon Pattern for that area.

Can Scatterbug, Spewpa, or Vivillon Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Players hoping to add another Shiny Pokemon to their team in Pokemon GO may be holding out to evolve this bug until they can capture a Shiny Variant. However, they may need to wait a while before they can make this happen, as they currently do not have any shiny form within the game.

While this may be upsetting, there is a high probability that they will have their Shiny Forms added in a future update, as Pokemon more often than not do not debut with their Shiny Data in the game. Players will just need to keep an eye peeled for this information as it draws closer.

With the most recent Community Day event right around the corner, players will have the perfect opportunity to get out into the world to start collecting Post Cards to send off to friends in an attempt to start collecting as many Scatterbug as possible. Be sure that you’ve got enough bag space to add as many as possible to your growing collection!

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022

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