How to Catch Bergmite in Pokemon GO & Can It Be Shiny?

No hitting this iceberg.

by Kara Phillips

If there’s one thing Pokemon GO loves to utilize in its gameplay is ensuring that certain species of Pokemon only spawn during certain times, such as ghost Pokemon predominantly spawning at night or during Halloween events and specific ice-type Pokemon only spawning during winter. Bergmite is a perfect example of an ice-type Pokemon only spawning at one time of year or during a special event since this elusive Pokemon is part of the Winter Holidays event, and it’s pretty hard to come by otherwise, so read on to find out how you can get ahold of Bergmite.

How to Catch Bergmite in Pokemon GO

Bergmite can be found in a few ways, like wild spawning, but this method can take a while since Bergmite isn’t a particularly common spawn unless it’s Bergmite Spotlight Hour. Outside of this, there is a chance to hatch Bergmite from 7km eggs, but it’s never guaranteed since there is a wide selection of other Pokemon available to hatch from these eggs. Still, if you have several incubators on the go and you’re out exploring, it’s worth stocking up on as many 7km eggs as you can from gifts or Pokestops to maximize your odds of finding one.

Additionally, incense or lure modules are one of the most reputable ways of encountering a Bergmite in the wild, and most specifically, a Glacial Lure module since they exclusively attract ice-type Pokemon. So if you’re planning on sticking around a PokeStop for a while, it’s worth taking a Glacial Lure Module with you alongside some incense to ensure you’ve got the best shot at finding Bergmite possible.

Can Bergmite Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Bergmite can be shiny within Pokemon GO, but similarly to Galarian Darumaka, it can be incredibly difficult to tell the difference. Shiny Bergmite has a similarly blue-colored iceberg atop its small body, but the underside and legs are the tell-tale sign when looking for a shiny. Also, the shiny variation has a slight green/yellow tint instead of a white-colored body. If you are unsure and feel like your eyes are deceiving you when you encounter a shiny Bergmite, the battle screen will show a sparkle animation, and there will be a small icon next to the Pokemon’s name tag with three glitter icons inside.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 21st, 2022

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