Pokemon GO Larvitar Community Day Classic – Schedule, Bonuses & Everything You Need To Know

Ready yourself for this upcoming Community Day event!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to get their hands on one of the most terrifying Pokemon within the world of Pokemon GO will be pleased to hear about the upcoming Community Day event. Players have loved Larvitar ever since their introduction, so having the opportunity to capture and collect as many as possible sounds like a dream come true.

Not only are they powerful, but they also have plenty of excellent reasons to be on your team, so catching as many as possible during the Community Day Classic happening shortly sounds like the best idea possible. Get your friends, and your favorite accessories ready to go before heading out on this wild adventure!

Larvitar Community Day Schedule And Bonuses

For those ready to get out into the world, clear some time from your schedule on January 21 from 2:00pm until 5:00pm to get the most out of the Community Day events. During these three hours, players are going to start spotting an increased number of Larvitar in the world.

Alongside the increased number of Pokemon in the wild, players will be treated to a fair number of bonuses, including:

  • Increased Number of Spawns
  • x3 Catch XP
  • 3-Hour Incense Time
  • 3-Hour Lure Time

This will give players plenty of chances to get plenty of Pokemon, so make sure that there is plenty of Inventory Space in your bag to ensure that as many Larvitar as possible can make it home after this event.

Can Larvitar Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

One of the best parts of Community Day is the fact that players have a better chance than ever to get their hands on Shiny Pokemon. However, there have been a few monsters that don’t have their Shiny Data added to this particular game, which dampens the fun a little bit. Does Larvitar have a chance to be Shiny in this mobile game?

Thankfully, for those hoping to add a Shiny Larvitar or their evolution to their team will have the chance to do just that, as Community Day does bump the Shiny chances for their particular Pokemon. While Larvitar may normally be a pale green, its vibrant new coat is pretty easy to spot.

However, for players that have never encountered a Shiny Pokemon before, it may be hard to know if they have come across one of these rare monsters. Keep your eyes peeled for a flash of stars at the beginning of an encounter, alongside an icon next to the Pokemon’s name to signal that they are shiny.

Featured Attack During Community Day For Evolving Larvitar

Those that are hoping to evolve their favorite little Pokemon throughout its line will be rewarded with a Special Featured Attack during the event. It also seems that they’ll be able to evolve the Pupitar into Tyranitar until 7:00pm, so an additional 2 hours after the event.

Tyrnaitar will learn the special attack Smack Down, which is a fast attack that has 12 Power during Trainer Battles, and 16 Power during Gym Battles and Raid Battles.

Paid Special Research Story During Larvitar Community Day Classic

Gamers will have the chance to purchase a paid Special Research ticket that will give them more access to Larvitar and its evolutions. The ticket will only cost $0.99, or the local equivalent, and will offer unique chances for players to get their hands on even more Pokemon than normal.

Community Day is always something to look forward to, especially when it involves a beloved Pokemon. This is one of the better that we’ve gotten in a while, so make sure to get out into the world and start searching for many Larvitar as possible! Make sure to prep yourself for the upcoming Lunar New Year event that will be going live, as well.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2023

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