How Do You Catch Shadow Registeel In Pokemon GO?

Want to capture this special Legendary Pokemon? Find out how to do so here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Trainers hoping to get their hands on the powerful, and terrifying Shadow Registeel have something quite exciting to look forward to in Pokemon GO. Alongside the chance to battle against the powerful Giovanni, players will also have the perfect chance to claim this particular monster.

But, when does this event start, and what will players need to do to claim this Pokemon for their own? Let’s jump right in and find out how to find and battle Giovanni, and what players will need to do to capture Shadow Registeel in the world of Pokemon GO!

How To Find and Catch Shadow Registeel In Pokemon GO

Players that are hoping to find this Legendary Pokemon roaming in the world will be out of luck, as they are going to need to put some effort in before they’ll finally be able to claim them. The first thing that players will need to ensure is that the Team GO Rocket Takeover event has started up. Players can find all of the details for this event here.

After the event has gone live, players will need to challenge and defeat Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra in battle to claim the Super Rocket Radar, which pinpoints the location of the boss, Giovanni. Players that have gotten their hands on this item will need to ensure that they’ve got a killer team ready to challenge the big boss of the organization, as he is not going to be an easy one to defeat.

After players have challenged and defeated Giovanni in battle, they will be treated to an encounter with Shadow Registeel, so make sure that your inventory bag has some extra space to capture this powerful Shadow Pokemon.

Can Shadow Registeel Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

For players hoping to claim another Shiny Pokemon, they may be wondering if there is a chance that the Shadow Registeel they finally defeated could be Shiny. There is, in fact, a chance that Shadow Registeel can be Shiny, but the odds of it happening are quite low.

Players will not know if this particular Pokemon will be Shiny until it has been defeated in battle, so players will need to defeat Giovanni before they have the chance to know if this monster is going to be this particular variant or not. And, since players are only able to challenge Giovanni once per month, there is only one chance to claim this special beast and hope that it is Shiny.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023

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