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Ready to make some new friends in Pokemon GO?

by Shaun Cichacki
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Pokemon GO, at its core, is a very social game. Getting out into the world with friends is quite exciting, no matter if they are in your neighborhood, or across the globe. So many different aspects of this particular game are focused on cooperation, so having a stacked Friends List can make some of these tasks so much easier than initially expected.

Regardless if players are trying to get as many Vivillon patterns as possible, or just need some extra help tackling a hefty and challenging Raid Pokemon, having plenty of friends is key to enjoying Pokemon GO more than ever before. Thankfully, there are plenty of online resources available for those living in smaller communities, or those that have a hard time meeting other players. Let’s find out some ways to load up our Friends List in this massively popular mobile title!

Why Do You Want To Make Friends In Pokemon GO?

There are plenty of excellent reasons to start making friends in Pokemon GO. The biggest thing is the ability to send and receive gifts, which makes it easier to start gathering items without needing to spend your hard-earned Pokecoins. Rather than needing to drop a few dollars here and there to get more Pokeballs or Potions, sending and receiving gifts with friends can net you a full Inventory rather quickly.

Another great thing about having friends in Pokemon GO is the ability to call on them for Remote Raids. If there isn’t an active Pokemon GO community in your neighborhood, taking on some of the more challenging Raids can be near impossible, unless you have the perfect team. With the ability to send out 10 Remote Raid invitations before a battle starts, gamers will have a better chance than ever to finally capture that Legendary Pokemon they’ve been wanting.

There are also certain Pokemon that are only obtainable through different methods that involve friends, such as the Vivillon method we mentioned above. With no other way to currently obtain this particular Pokemon, players will need to call on the help of friends to start earning plenty of different patterns.

How To Make New Pokemon GO Friends Easily

There are a fair number of ways to make new friends in this game quickly, and you may find out that people you know in your local community are into the game with some of these tips. There is the obvious answer, like using an event such as Community Day to your advantage, but this is going out to those that need to hit the maximum cap on their favorite mobile title.

Using Reddit To Make New Pokemon GO Friends

Gamers that are familiar with Reddit know that it has plenty of purposes, but they may not have known that there is also a community of Trainers hoping to become friends with them on this particular social media site? The r/PokemonGOFriends community is quite welcoming to newcomers, and veterans alike, giving players the chance to form new friendships with different players.

While Pokemon GO may be a very social game, there are a few things about the app that make communication difficult, especially with those that are far away from one another. Thankfully, with r/PokemonGOFriends, there are countless different ways to communicate with one another, so setting up Remote Raids and general communication can be taken care of in one central location.

Using Twitter To Make New Pokemon GO Friends

Another option that gamers will be able to use is Twitter, as there is a rather dedicated crowd of Pokemon GO fans that are using this particular social media site. Asking for new Pokemon GO Friends, alongside your Friend Code and a few different #hashtags can give players the chance to earn a fair number of followers, especially when using keywords. This is particularly effective during Community Day events, as players will be looking for Remote Raid partners to help them win battles.

Trainers hoping to utilize this method should keep in mind that communication for Remote Raids in the future may be difficult, but players tend to send out Invitations whenever there is a big event, so keep your Notifications on. For those hoping to make some new friends, try these hashtags out:

  • #PokemonGOFriends
  • #PokemonGORaids
  • #PokemonGOFriendCode
  • #PokemonGO

Using Community Day To Meet New Friends

This was touched on a bit above, but Community Day is called that for a reason. Even in the smallest of cities, plenty of Pokemon GO fans get out and about to start catching as many rare and Shiny Pokemon as possible. It’s an excellent way to make new friends in real life, as well as in your game, but this may not be the best overall option for gamers that are a bit on the shy side.

However, this could be a great way to start building up a team of excellent Raiders, especially to get together and start taking down Gyms in your neighborhood. Just make sure to snag up some of the best accessories before going on the wildest adventures with your friends. And while Elite Raids are still rather new, players will need to call on those in their community to help them take down the most challenging Pokemon of all.

Now that you’re ready to get out into the world and watch your friends list fill up, be ready for some of the best Pokemon GO action you’ve ever seen. If you’ve found yourself struggling to enjoy this particular app in the past, gifts and Remote Raids can make this mobile title so much more enjoyable than ever before.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023

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