Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Kill The Rats

Who are you calling a rat?

by AOTF Staff

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you may want to press forward after beating Gyoubu and head onwards into Ashina Castle.  If you stop for a moment to look around the battlefield you will see that there is more than one new path to explore after the boss fight.  Heading away from the Sculpter’s Idol you will notice that there is another staircase that you can take which will lead you to an area with multiple NPCs, hidden items, and a vendor.  This area will also give you a new quest if you speak with the Tengu of Ashina NPC who will task you with killing rats.  This guide will explain what you need to do to kill the rats and what you’ll get as a reward.

Where to find the rats in Sekiro

When you head to this new area unlocked after defeating Gyoubu you will immediately notice this masked NPC.  He is the Tengu of Ashina and he will give you a quest to kill some rats.  You will need to kill three rats that are near the Ashina Gates.  This is the area between the Sculpter’s Idol at the Gyoubu fight and the Ashina Castle Entrance where you fight the Blazing Bull.


Tengu of Ashina will give you the Rat Letter which will be in your inventory.  It reads:  A description of the “rats” that have snuck into Ashina.  Speak to the Tengu again once the rats are dealt with.  The letter says that the rats are from Senpou Temple.  That they are short in stature and wear bamboo hats.

Instead of heading to the left when you enter this area, you will head to the right and over the wall to find the three rats.  The rats that the Tengu of Ashina speaks of are a group of small creatures that wear wooden hats.  These are quite deadly foes because of their blocking ability and poison attacks.  However, if you use the Loaded Axe you will be able to break through their hat shields and attack them normally.

From the Castle Gate spawn you will head up the winding stairs toward the right and you will immediately encounter an enemy that is shooting fire at you.  Kill this enemy and then grapple to the top of the gate.  Immediately look to your right and you will see the rats in a clearing.  Use the method above to kill the enemies and then head back to Tengu of Ashina to collect you reward.

This reward is is the Ashina Esoteric Text which allows you to learn Ashina Style Skills in the Skills Acquisition Menu at the Sculpter’s Idol.