Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Where to Get Sabimaru Poison Sword

Snag the Sabimaru before you head onto the Lady Butterfly boss fight.

by AOTF Staff

The Sabimaru short sword is a Shinobi Prosthetic that can come in handy in boss fights in the game.  Including one very tough fight against the Lady Butterfly.  This short sword can only be found in the Ashina Castle area by doing some exploration.  This guide will explain how to get the Sabimaru Poison Sword in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

How to get the Sabimaru Poison Sword in Sekiro

To get the poison sword you’re going to need to have made it to Ashina Castle.  Furthermore, you’re going to have needed to progress to the top of the castle towers in the Antechamber.  You’ll be introduced to some powerful enemies on your way up to the Tower and some powerful enemies within the tower.  The enemies on your way will be bird type enemies who are patrolling the rooftops.  The enemies inside the Antechamber are wearing blue robes and are tough swordsmen.


When you get to the Antechamber you’ll know you’re there because the blue-robed swordsmen will be patrolling everywhere.  You’ll need to use some stealth to take out the first few enemies and then you’ll notice that there is a big drop down to the bottom of this tower.  Down this hole is a treasure chest with the Sabimaru and four enemies that you’ll need to beat.  There is a ledge that you can grapple on to to prepare yourself for the fight.  Jump over the rail and then grapple to this middle beam and then we suggest targeting the blue-robed enemy with a stealth attack from above for an instant kill.  Then you can quickly deal with the standard enemies.

The treasure chest is at the end of the hallway with the Sabimaru poison sword.  At the bottom of this tower you will find two familiar locations in Ashina Castle that you can create shortcuts to.  As with all Shinobi Prosthetics you’re going to need to take it back to the Sculptor to have it fitted to your arm so you can use it.  Once you have it fitted it’s a great tool if you want to do damage over time by poisoning your enemies.