Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Get Gyoubu’s Broken Horn (Loaded Spear Shinobi Tool)

Taken Gyoubu's Horn back to the Sculptor for another Shinobi Prosthetic.

by AOTF Staff

Ashina Castle is a hotbed for Shinobi Tools if you’re looking closely.  Alongside the Sabimaru, you can find the Loaded Spear Tool in the form of Gyoubu’s Horn with little more than a fight with two common enemies.  This guide will explain exactly how to get the Loaded Spear Shinobi Tool by finding Gyoubu’s Broken Horn.

How to get the Loaded Spear Shinobi Tool

The Loaded Spear Shinobi Tool is something that the Sculptor is going to have to make for you.  To get this item you’re going to need to find Gyoubu’s Horn and then take it to the Sculptor to make the item and fit it to the Shinobi Prosthetic.  The good news is, Gyoubu’s Broken Horn is fairly close to the entrance to of the castle.

Where to use Gatehouse Key

When you enter the castle area you will find a woman weeping on the bridge.  She will be on the left hand side of the bridge and that’s exactly the direction we want to be looking to find the horn.  Jump off the bridge and grapple to the tree on the left hand side of the bridge.  Once on the ground you’ll find that there are two guards that you will be able to eavesdrop on.  Do so and then engage them in a fight.  They will drop the Gatehouse Key.  The Gatehouse is actually in an area that we’ve been to before called the Ashina Reservoir.

After defeating the two enemies you can just hop off the bridge to the right from which you came and then there are two main buildings in this area.  The first will have a mini-boss who is surrounded by ogre type enemies with massive weapons.  This is off to the right hand side of the reservoir.  You’ll want to head to the building on the left hand side.  It is guarded by only two enemies, one which only makes noise.  Use the key, head inside and collect Gyoubu’s Broken Horn.

Once you’ve got the horn you can head back to the Sculptor and he can make the Loaded Spear.