Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How and Where to get Rice

Need some rice for the old women? Here's what to do.

by Kyle Hanson

Yes, you’re a super badass and powerful shinobi ninja. And yes you are on a quest to save a young child from a hideous fate, or rectify some magical whatever. But none of that means you can ignore the pleadings of random old ladies asking for rice. Yes, Sekiro continues the FromSoftware tradition of having NPCs ask you for random items, which you usually don’t find for hours. To help spare you some of those hours here’s how and where to get rice in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

How and Where to get Rice

The answer actually comes pretty late in the game, and is right in the middle of the main quest. If you found any other sort of rice, it’s not what these ladies are after. It’s garbage rice! You should be ashamed for even thinking it’s what they need. No, the rice they crave, both the old woman in Senpou Temple and the one in Sunken Valley, is magic rice from the Divine Heir himself. Or one of his underlings at least.

To get rice in Sekiro you need to get deep into the main quest, beating Genichiro and attaining the Mortal Blade. Once you accomplish this second task you will be able to get almost as much rice as you can want. Speak with the Divine Child of Rejuvenation again and she will give you some rice. You can use this yourself or head back and give it to one of the old women. You can only have one set of rice at a time, so choose wisely. After using it and waiting awhile you can return to get more though, so it might just delay you.

What do you get for giving these women the rice they so desire? A clue to what to do next. This includes what to do with that weird kite in Senpou Temple, though if you read that guide you won’t need to waste rice on her. Either way you play the rest out, that’s how and where to get rice in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.