Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Where to Get The Stone For Lord Kuro Incense

The stone that Kuro is looking for is locked behind a boss battle.

by AOTF Staff

Around the middle of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you’ll start a mission to secure items for Lord Kuro.  The young master will have you looking for both a flower and a stone.  This guide will explain where to find the stone that Kuro is looking for and what to do with it once you have it.

Where to get the stone in Sekiro

The stone you are tasked with finding is hidden deep in the Mibu Village in the Ashina Depths region.  You’ll need to battle the Corrupted Monk Boss at which point you’ll gain access to a ceremonial area where the Shelter Stone item can be found.  Only after you’ve defeated the Corrupted Monk will you have access to this area in a passage way behind the room where you fight the Monk the pink stone will be lying on a table

The stone is said to sometimes appear in the bodies of those who drink the Fountainhead Waters.  It is one of the Incense ingredients sought by Kuro to complete the Immortal Severance.

What to do with the stone

Once you’ve got the stone you can head back to Kuro in Ashina Castle and he’ll continue to unravel some of the story for you and reveal that there is yet another ingredient that you’ll need for the Incense.  That is his blood and the only way that you can draw his blood is if you have the Mortal Blade Sword.   To complete the incense you will need the Mortal Blade, the Flower in Sunken Valley, and the Stone from Mibu Village.