Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Make Fountainhead Incense

Crafting the incense will bring you one step closer to Lord Kuro's goal.

by AOTF Staff

Depending on which path that you choose during Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will be hunting down ingredients for the Fountainhead Incense.  On one path you will make the incense for Lord Kuro, and on the other you won’t but.  This guide will explain how to make the Fountainhead Incense using the Incense Burner and how to get the ingredients.

How to create the incense in Sekiro

You’re going to need three major items to make the Fountainhead Incense.  You’re going to need the Flower, the Stone, and the Branch.  The flower can be gotten by defeating the Guardian Ape.  The Stone can be gotten by defeating the Corrupted Monk.  The final piece, the branch, can be gotten by defeating the Owl.  You will also need to have gotten the Mortal Blade, which can be earned by completing the missions in this guide.

You can find our guides on how to get the Flower and how to get the Stone.  Once you have these three items you’ll find that you can’t easily fast travel back to Lord Kuro.  You’ll actually need to go to the closest Sculptor’s Idol, which is in the Abandoned Dungeon and then make your way back to the rooftops as a whole band of new enemies has arrived at Castle Ashina.  Once you do get back the rooftops you will see that there is a familiar character waiting for you.  Your father, the Owl, asks you to side with him.  If you refuse, you will be forced into a fight with him.  Once you defeat the Owl you will earn the Aromatic Branch which can be used in the Incense Burner.

Once you create the incense you will carry the scent of the Fountainhead Incense which will open yet another new area for you to explore.