Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – What does the Mask do and Where to Get it

Find all three parts and you can do some cool stuff

by Kyle Hanson

As you journey through the Sengoku Japan styled lands of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you’ll come across a lot of mysterious items. Some will explain themselves, telling you in their description what they are used for. Others remain a mystery until you solve it yourself. This is the case with the Dancing Dragon Mask, an endgame item that you put together throughout your adventure. But it’s mysteries run deeper than most, so to help here’s our explanation for what does the mask do and where to get it in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Where to get the Dancing Dragon Mask

If you’re asking the question “where to get the Dancing Dragon Mask” then you likely already have at least one piece. Yes, this item requires three total sections to be attained to put it all together. There’s a right, left, and top piece you’ll need to find if you want to find out what the mask does as a whole. Luckily, you come across these three items mostly through normal play. Each is found at a particular shop, with one requiring you to be very far in the game. If anything doesn’t make sense to you in this guide, just keep playing and you’ll come across it.

The first place to get a Dancing Dragon Mask piece is in Hirata Estate. There you come across a special vendor who only accepts Treasure Carp Scales. Check out that guide if you haven’t seen him or need to find more scales. Once you have enough you can buy the right section of the Mask for seven scales. But be sure to save some, because the final piece requires even more.

The top of the Mask can be found at the Memorial Mob shop located at the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Sculptor’s Idol for a mere 5000 Sen. Be sure to use any purses you have to attain this any time you have close to enough gold. You’ll want to do so before you die and lose half.

Then the final piece, the left section of the Mask, is found at another shop that appears much later in your session. When you locate the Fountainhead Palace level you will be able to get it by finding the additional Pot Vendor located here. Get to him by going through the gate near the stream, up to the nearby grapple point and into the cave. You’ll need 17 more Treasure Carp Scales, so I hope you saved them.

What does the Mask do

You journeyed all over Japan and found the Scales and Sen to buy the three Mask segments, but now what? What does the Mask do in Sekiro? Well, it’s actually pretty interesting and useful if you plan to continue upgrading your character and playing the game. Yes, the Dancing Dragon Mask isn’t something you put on, and it doesn’t make boss battles any less challenging, at least not directly. Instead it unlocks the ability to use Skill Points to buy Attack Power.

This is significant for endgame and New Game+ scenarios where you might not have any upgrades to buy with all those earned Skill Points. So instead you can put them into your Attack Power instead. This should help you clear out any remaining bosses, if you want to go back and get them. You can also use it to power up your character some before heading into New Game+, if that’s more your style. Whatever you choose to do with this new ability is up to you, but that’s the answer to what does the mask do and where to get it in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.