Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Play as John Marston

Marston is playable in RDR2.

by AOTF Staff

This article contains major spoilers to the story of Red Dead Redemption 2.  While we’re not going to get into all the details of what goes on in the story, we are going to explain how to play as John Marston and where this ends up occurring in the story.

***Spoilers Below****

Red Dead Redemption 2 features six chapters and two epilogue chapters.  The game is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and the ending of RDR2 is essentially the beginning of the previous game.  This means, that once you complete the first six chapters in Red Dead Redemption 2, you will be able to play as John Marston in the Epilogue sections of the game.

With Marston you will be able to explore the open world, complete side missions, and work towards completing any collectibles or side missions that you left hanging during the first six chapters in the game.

There are many story missions that you will have to complete with Marston that will lead right into the events of Red Dead Redemption.  The Epilogue essentially sets the stage for that game, allowing you to explore Beecher’s Hope and a nearly identical New Austin location with recognizable towns such as Tumbleweed and Armadillo.

You will ultimately have the ability to play as the character once you’ve completed Chapter 6.