Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Code: Learn All Recipes

All the recipes will be instantly unlocked to use.

by AOTF Staff

Want access to every crafting recipe in Red Dead Redemption 2?  Well instead of tracking down the crafting recipe cards that can be found in the game you can use a cheat code instead.  This code should only be used if you are messing around in the game and aren’t worried about saving your progress or earning achievements.

The Learn All Recipes Cheat Code in Red Dead Redemption will allow you to craft anything while camping though you’ll still need to have the required ingredients to actually craft the items. This code will unlock all of the available recipes for Horse Care, Provisions, Tonics, Ammunition, Weapons, and Hunting Items leaving you with over 50 recipes in all.

To instantly unlock all recipes in the game enter the cheat code below:

Cheat Code:  Eat of Knowledge

To actually enter the code you’re going to need to head into the cheat menu by pressing start and then going to settings.  Once there press the Y/Triangle button to access the cheat entry menu.  From the cheat menu you’ll need to press the Y/Triangle button again to enter the cheat.  Once you enter the code once it will be saved for future uses.  You can then activate the cheat by pressing the A/X button at which point you’ll be warned that it will disable things like saving and achievements.

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