Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find The Fertility Statue

This strange statue is hidden in a chimney.

by AOTF Staff

The Fertility Statue is one of the unique items in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can find if you do some heavy exploration.  This statue can be found in the chimney at Old Bacchus Place in southeast New Austin, just south of Thieves Landing.

So what is the Fertility Statue? We’re not quite sure yet. It is a unique item in the game, which means that you can’t sell it so there must be some other use for it. It likely seems tied to a quest that is given during the end game, but we haven’t uncovered what that is just yet.

Since the lore of Red Dead Redemption does have John and Abigail having a daughter who dies, is this an Easter Egg in the game that alludes to her?

Since it is a unique item you might as well grab it once you have the chance. This out of the way cabin can be found at the point on the map above.

This post will be updated once we’ve found out what the Fertility Statue is used for.