Red Dead Redemption 2 Beecher’s Hope Activities

It's not that exciting, but there's a little more to see and do at Beecher's Hope.

by AOTF Staff

In Red Dead Redemption 2 players will ultimately make it to Beecher’s Hope.  The rest of this article contains massive spoilers to the story of RDR2 so read on only if you’ve beaten the game or don’t care about them.

Beecher’s Hope is the home of John, Abigail, and Jack Marston (and Uncle). Once you’ve completed chapter six in the story you will assume the role of John Marston instead of Arthur Morgan. You will purchase the Beecher’s Hope ranch and complete some wrap-up missions in Epilogue Part 1 and Part 2. Once you see the credits roll though, you will have complete access to Marston’s Ranch.

Beecher’s Hope will essentially function as the camp did during the first six chapters of the campaign. You will be able to do things like fast travel, you can perform activities at the ranch that will earn you cash, and there might be some other hidden Easter Eggs hidden around.

The player can complete different activities at Beecher’s Hope. You can milk cows, feed chickens, clean up animal poop, refill water buckets, and more. Completing all of these activities will give you the ability to stock a wagon full of supplies and then sell them for extra money. Completing these activities will also raise your honor and player stats. You can come back each day to complete these camp activities.

Beecher’s Hope also has a number of places to explore. The house itself features rooms for Jack, Uncle’s attic, John and Abigail’s bedroom, a bathroom, and living and dining area. Some of these rooms have some different functionality. The bedroom for John and Abigail will let you fast travel, as well as sleep. The bedroom will also trigger a cutscene between John and Abigail where John will wake up in his pajamas instead of the normal clothes he is wearing.

The bathroom in Beecher’s Hope will allow you to change clothes and shave. There is a campfire that you can craft and rest at. Your horses will also rest at this stable and can be accessed from this part of the ranch.  There are also a number of other unique dialogue options, including new cutscenes if you do things on the ranch. You can hang out with Jack, Abigail and Uncle for evening dinner, you can gather around the campfire while Jack plays the harmonica and Abigail sings. Uncle will also sing in a duet with Abigail as well.

Characters will also give you unique missions upon talking with and visiting them at the ranch.  If you’re ready to hang up your guns upon completion of the game, there’s still more to see and do in Red Dead Redemption 2 once the credits roll.