Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Block

Keep your guard up.

by AOTF Staff

If you find yourself in a fist fight in Red Dead Redemption you’re going to want to know how to block.  This guide explains how to block in RDR2.  Once the punches start to fly you’re going to want to press the X/Square button to block the enemy attack.

Blocking while fighting in RDR2 is simply a timing thing.  There is no button prompt to block, you’re really going to be watching the person you’re fighting and when they go to throw a punch you’re gonna want to press the button quickly.  You can spam the X/Square Button and your character will perform a block that kind of staggers your opponent.

Once your opponent is staggered you can then go in and clean them up by punching them with the B/Circle Button.

Fist fights in RDR2 can get a little bit more complex than just punching and blocking.  Once you get in close enough and start to grapple with someone the game will give you the option to choke someone.  That’s when things can go from just disturbing the peace, to cold blooded murder as far as the law is concerned.

Just remember, if you want to block punches, press the X/Square Button while fighting.