Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Bathe

Get the full treatment for 50 cents.

by AOTF Staff

There are a lot of way to get dirty in Red Dead Redemption 2, but only one good way to get clean.  You’ll do it by taking a bath at the local establishments.  Hotels and some businesses will offer bathing services for 25 cents.  Simply go to the establishments and pay the money and you’ll get access to a bathing room.

The hotels in Valentine and Strawberry both offer bath services, while other places have Saloons or other stores that will offer the service as well.  Once you pay for your bath you’ll need to head to the bath room to begin the bathing sequence.  There you’ll get a mini-game of sorts where you can scrub different parts of your body.

After a short period, a woman will come to the door that will offer a “Deluxe Bath” for 50 cents.  The woman will then come in and take over the bathing duties.  During the Deluxe Bath you can pick which parts of your body you want them to clean, and you can choose to chat with the woman.  While there is some flirtatious chat during the bathing process, there does not seem to be any romancing options to the bath maid.

When you’re all done you can press the B/Circle button to exit the bath and go on your way.  Once you’re done with the bath, if you want to take another you’ll have to pay again.