Red Dead Online: How to Be a Trader

Business is booming.

by AOTF Staff

The Trader is one of the new roles in Red Dead Online.  The trader role has proven to be popular in the latest update because it’s a profession that is focused on making money through hunting and then selling the goods that you collect in bulk.  To be a trader in Red Dead Online you will need to purchase the Butcher’s Table to get started.  If you need a full rundown on how to start the Trader role, head to this guide.

Assuming you’ve already got your Butcher’s Table, you’re ready to begin life as a trader in Red Dead Online.  Being a trader basically means that instead of hunting and fishing and bringing your kills to the Butcher, you’re going to be using those items as materials in your camp.

There are three different aspects to being a trader.  You need materials, which you get from killing animals and bringing them back to the camp.  You’ll also need to manage your supplies.  Supplies can either be ordered for $20 or you can start a resupply mission from the camp when your supplies are depleted.  When you have supplies and materials you will produce goods.  Once your goods get to a certain level you can deliver these supplies for XP and $$$.

Delivery missions can either be local deliveries or distant deliveries.  Local deliveries are low risk deliveries that yield a lower amount of cash.  Distant deliveries yield more cash, but they have the risk of other players attacking you during your delivery, which could leave you with nothing.

Tips for the Trader Profession

  1. When working in your camp make sure your white flag is raised so that no one can bother you while dropping off items.
  2. When you run out of supplies do not pay the $20 unless you have an abundance of materials as the supply missions replenish supplies and some materials as well as earn you XP.
  3. The better the quality of animals you bring to the camp the higher the value in terms of materials.  So, adhere to your standard hunting rules.
  4. Don’t waste your time fishing, Cripps doesn’t take fish
  5. If you skin an animal, don’t waste time with the carcass.  Cripps won’t take it.
  6. Cripps likes Turkeys, but not all birds.
  7. Different camp spots will have different animals.  Try Lagrass for things like Alligators or you can head to Tall Trees for deer.  Different camp spots will have different animals in proximity.
  8. Once you hit Trader Level 10 make sure you purchase the wagon at the Stable to haul more in each hunt.
  9. If you’re hunting on horseback, get a second horse to take with you so you can get double the items on each trip.