How to Enable First Person Mode in Fortnite

I wonder what it would look like to ride the Nimbus Cloud.

by Michelle Cornelia
How to Enable First Person Mode in Fortnite

Have you ever imagined what Fortnite would look like if it had first-person mode? Those who have been playing Call of Duty and Overwatch 2 are no strangers when it comes to this point of view. However, if you’re used to Fortnite’s third-person perspective for a while now, it’s hard to imagine that you can’t see your character on the screen, just your weapon in front of you. While there are no specific settings for this as of now, however, due to a bug, you can access first person and see what this potential feature could look like. Here’s how to enable first-person mode in Fortnite!

How to Play Fortnite in First Person Mode

First, it’s essential to keep in mind that you must access the Save the World mode to get first-person mode to work. This is because you need to head to the Save the World game mode and enable the first-person settings from there. In the Save the World game mode, click the gear icon to open settings, head to the game tab, scroll down until you see a first-person camera setting, and click it to enable it.

Now that you’ve enabled the first-person camera, this setting will stick with you despite exiting Save the World. Unfortunately, given that this isn’t an official feature, you’ll only be able to switch to the first-person mode in custom game modes. You can also expect to encounter many bugs when you attempt to play, such as being unable to scope properly or having your entire character model disappear.

This point of view also seems to only work with certain weapons, such as assault rifles and SMGs. Doing other activities, such as drinking a shield potion or using your pickaxe, will revert the point of view back to the third-person perspective. Despite that, this might be worth a try if you’re curious about what first-person Fortnite would look like.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2023

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