How many Reality Augments can you activate in Fortnite?

by Drew Kopp
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1 introduced Reality Augments, specialized perks that grant players unique abilities and bonuses. With Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 adding even more Reality Augments to the game, many Fortnite players want to know how many of these potentially game-changing upgrades they can have active at once. Here’s how many Reality Augments you can have active in Fortnite.

How Many Reality Augments Can You Activate in Fortnite?

Image: Epic Games

Players can have four Reality Augments active during a standard Fortnite match. Once the two-and-a-half-minute countdown that activates at the start of the game runs out, players are given the chance to activate one of two randomly-selected Reality Augments. These Augments and the perks granted by them will remain active until you’ve been eliminated or get a Victory Royale.

Once you’ve activated a Reality Augment, you can’t deactivate it, so choose which Augments you want to have active carefully. While many Augments are flat upgrades that will help in almost any circumstance, you’ll want to learn what each Augment does and which combination of Augments benefits your particular playstyle the most.

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If you don’t like the pair of Reality Augments you’re handed at the start of the match, you can re-roll and hope you get a set of Augments that will be more beneficial to you. With that said, only the first re-roll of a match is free, with every other re-roll costing 100 Gold Bars. While re-rolling can net you a game-changing Augment, doing so does not guarantee you will get better Augments.

While some Reality Augments will be available to new Fortnite players from the start, others are locked and can only be acquired by rolling them during a match. If you want to learn which quartet of Augments works best with your playstyle, you’ll have to play as many Battle Royal, Zero Build, or Team Rumble matches as possible to build up your collection of available Augments.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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