10 Most Expensive Items In Roblox

Got some cash burning a hole in your pocket? Find out which items are the most expensive to buy on the Roblox platform!

by Shaun Cichacki

While Roblox houses plenty of excellent experiences to allow gamers to find their new obsession, it also has plenty of opportunities to get rather wealthy. While it may sound strange to say that in the same sentence as Roblox, some items can grant players plenty of Robux for their collection.

However, what are these items, and what makes them so sought after? Let’s dive in and find out what the most expensive items currently available for Roblox happen to be, and find out what makes them as valuable as they are. This will only cover items purchasable with Robux, so items like the Rainbow Unicorn NFT for Pet Sim X will not be included in this list.

The Most Valuable Roblox Items Currently Available

While there are plenty of creators that put items up for unbelievable prices, such as 999,999 Robux for a plain T-Shirt, we are going to be focusing primarily on cosmetics in the Premium Category, as they belong to creators that are putting in the proper time and effort in.

10. Golden Cute Milk Suit – 3devide0 Studio


Listed as a special order for special people, this particular piece of apparel is going to set players back around 1,499 Robux, or around $20. While that doesn’t seem too horrifyingly expensive, is it worth spending $20 to look like a golden milk carton? I guess that’s up to the player to choose.

9. Noctis Dragon Horns – Erythia


The Noctis Dragon Horns are currently the second from last on this list, and that’s only because they cost a single Robuck more than the previous item on this list, coming in at a solid 1,500 Robux total, or once again around $20. These at least have a few more practical uses overall and could be used to bring the ultimate outfit together for RPG titles, but still could be a bit too pricy for some gamers.

8. Dune Warrior – Reverse_Polarity


For those hoping that their future is going to burn bright, the Dune Warrior helmet may be the perfect accessory for you. Thankfully, this one does look quite slick, but it does come in at a staggering 1,979 Robux, or around $25. It’s a bit pricey for what it is, but for those hoping to complete a killer Steampunk outfit, it could be the perfect way to flex.

7. Tech Noir Helmet – Reverse_Polarity


Looks like Reverse_Polarity is back at it again, creating another excellent fashion piece that comes with a bit of a hefty price tag. Coming in at 2,077 Robux, or a little over $25, this is going to be perfect for those amazing for a Cyberpunk aesthetic, which is even hinted at in the price of the item. But, is it worth it in the long run?

6. The Wildman – Reverse_Poliarity


The final piece from Reverse_Polarity on our list, The Wildman is the most expensive piece currently available on Roblox. Coming in at 2,300 Robux, or just under $30, this would be quite the investment to make for your character. It does look quite slick and could complement a nomad aesthetic perfectly.

5. guiro frog – JPG_LARGE


This strange little creature is something quite different, looking like a quickly assembled 3D model to be worn as a hat. As the description for this item states, it’s a small wooden frog that goes “r rr r ribbit”. For those hoping to grab this…. unique item, load your wallet up with 2,500 Robux, or a bit over $30. Looking at the comments, it seems that players are not very impressed with this particular item, so it seems it could be more of a joke piece than anything.

4. GOLDEN PLEN – TheShipArchitect


Our first bodily accessory, the GOLDEN PLEN is an item that players will be able to wear on their waist to show off their love for TheShipArchitect and their particularly unique sense of style. However, this is where things start to get more expensive, as the GOLDEN PLEN comes in at a whopping 5,000 Robux or over $60 for one item. Is it worth it? That’s up to the player, but personally, it’s not our thing.

3. GOLDEN BOTE – TheShipArchitect


It seems that TheShipArchitect has gold on their mind, as the GOLD BOTE is another wearable waist accessory to show dedication towards them and their craft. Much like the GOLD PLEN listed above, this accessory comes in 5,000 Robux or just over $60 again, meaning gamers hoping to show their love would need to spend over $100 to get both of these items. They may be for someone, but they’re not exactly for us.

2. Most Expensive Chocolate Cookie Sword – Cookie Cutter YT


With CookieCutterYT nearing the 1 Million Subscriber count on his YouTube channel, he’s fairly well known within the Roblox community, making this one of the more appealing items on the list. However, the price may not be appealing to some, as this particular back piece is available for a whopping 10,000 Robux, or $125. It seems the intentions are directly in the name, as it is listed as one of the most expensive items available in the shop.

1. The Royal Duck Cape – EternityReality


Last but not least, the subject of a KreekCraft video, the Royal Duck Cape. Coming in at 10,000 Robux, or $125, this particular item is tied with the previous on the list as the most expensive item currently available, and it seems that our duck friends are the main culprit here. If players like the style of this particular cape, and don’t mind it being a little less “fowl”, there is a version available for 100 Robux, as well.

There are countless items on the Roblox shop, with creators putting in time and effort to create some genuinely good pieces that cost a fraction of these particular items. While a few may not be horribly priced in the $20 to $30 range, seeing how high some of these items can go is quite eye-opening to gamers. Load your wallet full of Robux, and get shopping if any of these items appeal to you!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023

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