All Monsters in Roblox Rainbow Friends: Full List

Let's find out about all of the Rainbow Friends in this Roblox experience!

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers make their way through the worst field trip in Rainbow Friends, fans of this popular Roblox experience are trying their hardest to find out who they’ll need to avoid within these walls. While the detour from Odd World may have landed players in hot water with these terrifying mascots, as long as players know who they’re dealing with, it may give them the best chance to avoid them.

While there may only be a few mascots to hide from within Rainbow Friends, finding the best ways to avoid them could be the key to a life-or-death situation. While players should work together, sometimes having the key to survival proves to be the most valuable thing. Let’s find out who is waiting for you in Rainbow Friends, and what players need to do to avoid meeting an early doom.

All Characters In Rainbow Friends – Roblox Horror Game

While gamers may have a few other students to help them through the tasks they need to complete, they’ll also need to keep their eyes peeled for these murderous mascots. With each night that passes, a new Friend is introduced into the game, giving gamers a reason to get scared.

Friend #1 – Blue Friend


Blue is the first friend that players will encounter on their adventure through this abandoned theme park, and is the easiest to avoid altogether. While his stature may be quite intimidating, his general lack of speed gives players the perfect opportunity to escape without much of an issue. If players see Blue anywhere, turn around and book it the other way, or hide inside the box that you’ve been given.

Friend #2 – Green Friend


As the second-night starts, Green will begin roaming the halls. With their extra-long appendages, Green looks like they would be much more intimidating than they truly are. They are quite easy to avoid, due to their general lack of sight, but those that have come around a corner to see the tall and lanky Green hiding out there are bound for a fright. Much like Blue, jumping into the box or turning tail and running can help avoid a quick demise.

Friend #3 – Purple Friend


The Purple Friend doesn’t receive a proper introduction but is hinted at when Orange is shown off. Hiding out in vents, the Purple Friend will snag those that aren’t paying attention to their surroundings and drag them in for the ultimate judgment. The easiest way to avoid this particular monster is to keep an eye on the vents around you from the Third Night onward, as this is when they begin to spawn in the world.

Friend #4 – Orange Friend


Much like Foxy from the popular Five Nights At Freddy’s, the Orange Friend is the fastest in the game and can be quite tricky to avoid. Thankfully, there is a trick that players can keep in mind to keep them at bay. Players can find Orange’s hideout and keep them fed, so Orange will stay within his area without hunting the player or their friends. However, if they escape, players will need to keep on their toes while watching out for this hungry Mascot.

Friend #5 – Red Friend


The only non-hostile Rainbow Friend, Red is the narrator of this story and also gives players plenty of hints throughout their adventure. While there seems to be a hint of his hostility at the end of the game, players will need to make their assumptions at the end of the day. Is Red going to be a big part of Chapter 2? We’ll just need to wait and see.

Now that players know everything they need to about the Rainbow Friends, make sure to pack a lunch before you get on the bus. It seems like this trip may end up in disaster unless players know how to avoid these horrifying monsters.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 20th, 2023

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