Roblox Rainbow Friends – How To Survive All Nights

Can't seem to survive in Rainbow Friends? Follow along with these tips and tricks!

by Shaun Cichacki

Rainbow Friends has taken over the world of Roblox, and this terrifying experience has captivated just about everyone willing to jump into its world. Alongside a cast of colorful and terrifying Friends that will relentlessly hunt you down, players will need to ensure that they’re ready for action and horror as they try to make their escape.

But, what are some of the best ways to survive each of the nights? While players are given a Cardboard Box to attempt to hide from these terrifying creatures, there are still other things players may be able to do to guarantee a swift victory in the battle for their lives. Here are some of the best ways to make sure players can get out of this field trip gone wrong.

How To Survive Each Night In Rainbow Friends

With a total of 4 nights to survive, players will need to use their brains to figure out the best plan before rushing into the Theater to drop off their specific items for the night. Each night introduces a new friend into the fray, so players will need to ensure that they’ve constantly got their eyes peeled on every inch of the halls before them, to avoid any sort of issues.

Night 1 – Blue Is Introduced


Night one is going to be the easiest night overall, with only Blue roaming the halls. Thankfully, if players encounter this hulking monster, they’ll easily be able to outrun them. Even if they have to crouch and get away, Blue is rather slow and cumbersome. Players will need to work together to gather up a total of 24 Blocks and drop them off in the theater.

The best thing that players will want to do is keep their eyes and ears peeled for the cues when Blue finally appears. If you hear them, take a quick look around and either box up, or run in the opposite direction to get away from them. With his general overall speed being quite horrible, Blue is one of the easiest monsters to avoid.

Night 2 – Green Is Introduced


When the second night begins, players are shown a short cutscene that shows off the newest friend, Green. Green is another fairly easy monster to avoid, as they are completely blind, and only focus on the sound that players make. However, they do have a few tricks up their overly long sleeves, which could catch gamers off guard if they aren’t prepared for their tricks.

While their speed may be lacking, they have a fair advantage when it comes to their long-reaching arms. Even though Green is even slower overall than Blue is, they’ll be able to snag a few players that aren’t anticipating their extremely long reach. They also tend to hide out in areas with ladders and around corners, so players should look before they leap.

With both Blue and Green roaming the halls of this abandoned biohazard site, players need to ensure that they’re keeping their eyes peeled, and their finger on the box command as often as possible. While Blue can be easily avoided using this tactic, Green hears the sound of players boxing up and may drift over to their location to end them quickly.

Night 3 – Orange and Purple Are Introduced


Now, things get a bit more frightening overall. With Blue and Green still roaming the halls, Night 3 introduces two monsters at once. First off, Orange is introduced and is easily the most aggressive monster overall within the world of Rainbow Friends. They’re incredibly fast and angry, so players will need to keep them distracted to avoid meeting an untimely end.

Thankfully, those hoping to keep Orange occupied will have a great option to do just that. As players roam the halls of Rainbow Friends, they’ll be able to encounter Oranges Hideout, which is where they reside when they aren’t roaming the halls. Players that are hoping to get to this location quickly to keep Orange fed and distracted should follow these instructions.


Players that have accessed the Theater will want to make their way toward the door shown in the image above, which will lead them down a hallway. There is a good chance either Blue or Green may be hiding down here, so keep your eyes and ears peeled to make sure you don’t get munched. At the end of the hallway, players will find three doors, one straight ahead, one to the right, and one to the left. Players will want to go through the Left door, and immediately make a turn to the right door. Inside, players will find Orange’s Hideout, where can give Orange a few treats to keep them in the back room.


If Orange has made their way out into the world, making a quick line to this Hideout will give players a chance to get them back into their cage for a while, so they’ll have one less Friend to worry about in the halls while trying to gather up Fuses or Batteries. If they’re left in the Halls for too long, there is a very good chance that players will not have the chance to see the fourth and final night.


The final friend that players will need to worry about is Purple, who is easily the sneakiest overall. While most of the friends will give players a look at them before they rip them to shreds, Purple likes to hide out in the vents scattered around this particular location. Thankfully, for eagle-eyed gamers, spotting this particular Friend is quite easy, as their glowing white eyes and purple claws pop out of the vents that they’re currently hiding out in. Before rushing through to the next area, players want to stop for a moment and check the vents before proceeding.

Night 4 – Lights Out

The 4th Night is by far the most difficult to navigate through, as all of the lights will be shut down due to a power outage. Players will need to obtain a total of 9 Batteries to start up the spare generator that is hiding in the theater. With all of the Friends roaming the halls, utilize the information that we gave you above to avoid all of these monsters. The biggest threat here, once again, will still be Orange, as they’re going to be out on the prowl.

If players still have a large group available, sending someone to Oranges Hideout to keep them hidden away during this night could easily make or break this night. As players continue to push through and start finding the batteries hidden around the map, keep your eyes peeled on vents on the floor, alongside keeping Orange as distracted as possible. All monsters will follow their familiar patterns, so those in this experience can finally finish this final night, and complete the experience with no issues! Or so they may think…

Night 5 – Blue Awakens


Players will be informed by the Narrator of this adventure that they’re ready to finally leave this nightmare, and they want to have a Goodbye Party to send everyone on their way. However, players will also learn that something new has awoken within Blue, and they’re suddenly much more aggressive than ever before.

Players find themselves in what appears to be a party room, full of balloons, and Blue sits docile on the stage. After a Red Balloon falls onto a very conveniently placed fork, Blue springs back to life and starts to roam the floor once again. Players will need to dodge and make their way across this balloon-filled floor and get up to the cake at the top of the ramp near the door.

After a while, the door will open, leading players into a room full of water, and quite a few blocks littered on the floor. Players will need to push these blocks out of the way, so they’ll be able to access the vent that has been hidden behind them. Once all of the blocks have been moved out of the way, the group can make their way into the vents and closer to the exit.

Once inside the vent, players will need to keep moving forward, all while ducking underneath the crossed boards that seem to block their path. Players will need to know that they should duck, as Blue is chasing them through these vents at a much faster speed than he normally exhibits. Once players have gotten into the outside world, they’ll need to crouch-walk through the small hole at the bottom of the fence. When all of the players have made their way out of this nightmare factory, Blue will be crushed by the door and dragged back in by an unknown force.

Congratulations! You’ve finished Rainbow Friends, and are ready to jump back in and help other players with these great tips and tricks. By following along with this guide, players have a better chance at survival than ever before, and while it may seem scary, we’re here to help you escape this horrible field trip once and for all!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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