Roblox Fireworks Playground Codes

Want to blow off some big fireworks in Roblox? Find out how to get more with these codes!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping that every day feels like the 4th of July should jump into Fireworks Playground quickly, as this Roblox experience gives players a chance to blow up some of the most visually exciting fireworks imaginable. That is, if they have the coin to purchase them. Fireworks, much like real life, can be expensive, so using codes for money can help players achieve their dreams.

But, are there any codes that are currently working for Fireworks Playground, or is the fuze dead on this one? Let’s grab our trusty lighter and find out if these codes are worth the effort, or if they just so happen to fizzle out before the big boom.

All Fireworks Playground Codes

Players will find all of the currently available codes for Fireworks Playground below, alongside some questions asked by players of this experience.

Fireworks Playground Codes (Working)

  • 250KVISITS – 1,500 Coins
  • BIGGESTBIRD – 1,000 Coins
  • BOGOSBINTED – 500 Coins
  • CAKE – 500 Coins
  • CRACKERZ – 500 Coins
  • IDONTKNOW – 500 Coins
  • ILIKECAKE – 500 Coins
  • RAINBOW – 500 Coins
  • SEANSMELLS – 500 Coins
  • SNIBS – 500 Coins
  • STARRAGE – 500 Coins
  • TIKTOK – 500 Coins

Fireworks Playground Codes (Expired)

  • There are currently no expired codes for Fireworks Playground.

How To Redeem Codes In Fireworks Playground


Players hoping to test these codes and earn some free coins will want to first click on the Robux logo in the bottom left corner of the screen. After the Shop menu has sprung up, players will need to click the Redeem Codes option at the top of the popup.

After the Redeem Code screen has appeared, players will need to type in the codes we have listed above, and click Confirm once they have input all of the information. Repeat these steps for all available codes to earn a pretty hefty chunk of change.

Why Aren’t My Fireworks Playground Codes Working?

Players will want to make sure they’ve copied the codes over from our page exactly as they are on here. Thankfully, the game does automatically capitalize them, so players won’t need to hit Caps Lock on their keyboard before typing in any of these codes. Just ensure that they are spelled right, and press Confirm to get your free coins.

Where To Get More Codes For Fireworks Playground in Roblox?

Psuedo Studios is active on Discord, and shares codes as soon as they are ready and available for players to use. They also happen to have a YouTube channel where they share development updates for Fireworks Playground, and may also share codes from time to time. Please make sure to bookmark this page, as we will be checking for active codes for this experience often, as well.

Why Can’t I Blow Off Fireworks in Fireworks Playground?

Players that are having an issue getting their fireworks to light may not know how to make this happen. The first thing players need to do is access their inventory and equip a firework that they would like to use. After this has happened, place it on the ground by clicking on the firework and finding a spot.

After this, players will need to bring out their lighter and click on their Robloxian to light the flame. After this, standing above the firework will give players a prompt to light the firework. If they try to approach the firework without lighting their lighter first, they will be greeted with an embarrassing message at the bottom of their screen.

What Is Fireworks Playground?

Taking the best aspects of clicker simulator titles, as well as an open sandbox to explore, gamers will have the perfect opportunity to let their wild side be on full display. Blowing up fireworks will earn players money, and they’ll soon be able to purchase bigger and better ones that will earn them even more cash as they make their way through this exciting game. Get some friends together and light up the sky with colors and patterns never before seen!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023

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