All Roblox Royale High Valentine Halo Answers (2023)

Have a better chance than ever to claim a Halo with the answers for this Quiz!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players hoping to get their hands on a rare Halo in the world of Royale High have a better chance than ever to make that happen, now that the Valentine’s Day 2023 update has gone live for this Roblox experience. Players will need to test their luck with a special quiz that may give them a new, Valentine’s Halo 2023.

While players may not always get a Halo, as it is fairly random, answering as many questions correctly as possible can increase the odds that they’ll be able to leave with a fancy new piece of bling. Let’s find the correct answers, so you can lead the charge into the new month with a rare new piece of clothing in this wonderful experience!

Where To Take Quiz In Roblox Royale High


Players hoping to get to the Fountain of Dreams as quickly as possible should head towards Divina Park, near the Battle a la Royale Archery to accomplish this. If you are in a major rush, however, there is the option to teleport directly to the Fountain of Dreams from the main menu when logging in.

Players that choose this option will just need to continue moving forward until they come across a dreamy fountain in the middle of the road. Once players see the location in the photo below, they’ll know that they’ve made it there properly.


Only players have arrived, making a wish at the Fountain of Dreams will start up the quest to try and unlock the Halo. Much like the previous Winter Halo 2022, these stories are all community-driven, with a specific answer giving players the best chance to earn these rare items. Let’s find out which answers can help!

Roblox Royale High Valentine Halo Answers

Players will read through special stories that players have submitted into this title and can choose between 4 different answers. While players may receive diamonds and XP instead of the Halo, if they select the right choice and are lucky enough to receive one of these rare items, they’ll be greeted with a unique ending to the story. These answers will give players the best chance of claiming a Halo.

Story NameHalo Answer
Follow The Arrow StoryOption B
Maddie’s Petting Zoo StoryOption B or Option C
Wendy & Rowena StoryOption B
Violet’s Activities StoryOption D
Three Flower Fields StoryOption A
Baby Chicks StoryOption A
Tulips Path StoryOption B
Farmer’s Market StoryOption D
Goose Honking Behind You StoryOption C
Bunnies In The Tunnel StoryOption B or Option D
Heavy Rain StoryOption C

If players are lucky enough, answering these questions correctly may give them the chance to claim one of these valuable items for their own! Not everyone who answers these correctly will get one, so if you weren’t lucky enough to claim one this time around, the next event is just around the corner!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023

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