10 Weirdest Roblox Experiences

Ready to find some of the weirdest experiences around on Roblox? Check these out!

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers continue to flock to Roblox to escape the real world, it seems that the real world is intent on following them into their favorite platform. Now, not only can players of this prevalent platform find what they need at H&M in real life, they’ll be able to explore the world of Loooptopia for more clothing ideas.

The real question is, have any of us ever considered the idea of a Dick’s Sporting Goods Obby in real life? Somebody must have, as players can find themselves hopping, skipping, and jumping through an advertisement-filled Obby from their favorite sporting chain. Let’s jump in, find some of the most bizarre Roblox experiences, and see why they even exist.

Strangest Roblox Experiences Around

No matter what, advertising and the like seem to follow us wherever we go. Companies and corporations will find a way to inject their unique take on a Roblox experience and make sure we can experience the polar opposite of what we can do in their real-life shops. Without further ado, these are some of the strangest experiences available on the Roblox platform.

10. Loooptopia – H&M


Robloxians jumping into the H&M Loooptopia experience should know: this is actually weirdly a bit fun. Players make their way around a packed map, creating their unique clothing that they’ll be able to trade with other players, all while working towards becoming the most popular creator on the server. It’s strange, it’s slightly entertaining, but it’s all around rather odd.

9. School Of Sport – Dick’s Sporting Goods


While the actual Dick’s Sporting Goods may have countless items available for fans of the outdoors, the enjoyment and excitement don’t exactly translate well into Roblox. Primarily focused as an Obby, players will need to make their way through different environments, all themed around the titular sporting goods store. However, it’s rather boring, and quite low stakes, so players tend to turn the other way when it comes to the School of Sport.

8. Elf On The Shelf Snowball Fight – The Lumistella Company


While the Elf on the Shelf could be considered a wholesome family tradition around the holidays, there is nothing wholesome about this experience. Somehow, this slightly creepy mascot has taken on the visage of something straight out of Rainbow Friends or DOORS, haunting your dreams on a nightly occurrence. There is a reason why this experience currently has 0 active users, and that could be partially attributed to how numbingly boring it is compared to many other experiences on the platform.

7. Walmart Land – Walmart


While Walmart may be a great place for those enamored by Roblox merchandise to find their latest treasure, Walmart Land is an empty and soulless attempt at a Roblox experience. Trying to push towards an all-Metaverse-centric future, Walmart Land is a strange attempt at getting a new generation to enjoy their products. It’s fun to mess around in for a bit, but it’s very odd to think about for too long.

6. Clarks CICAVERSE – CJ Development


While Clarks can make an undeniably comfortable pair of shoes, the CICAVERSE is not the most well throughout idea. There are a few parts that make this experience fun for a bit, such as doing tricks on a BMX Bike, but beyond that, it’s easily apparent what this experience is meant to be. A large advertising campaign designed as a game, the CICAVERSE has a low rating for a reason.

5. PUMA Futureland – Puma


Much like the previous Dick’s Sporting Goods experience that we had mentioned prior in this list, PUMA Futureland is another advertisement-themed Obby, but this one has a few other modes to make it a bit more interesting. While the reviews for this particular experience are some of the highest on this list, the active user count seems to continue dwindling by the day. Currently, there are under 500 participants in this experience.

4. Givenchy Beauty House – Givenchy


To be completely transparent, I had to search and see if this was an authentic product and not something created by a very passionate Givenchy fan. However, after finding this particular experience listed directly on their Website, I had to jump in and explore. And for the whopping few minutes that were spent, this experience is bound to cause more headaches than anything. Boring, with not much to do, the Givenchy Beauty House is a strange experience to find on this platform.

3. SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland – SHEIN x Klarna


What is basically a glorified ad campaign, SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland is something that exists in the nightmare scape of the Metaverse. Players can access this particular experience, try on clothing, and walk the runway, but that’s about it. There are some easy Badges that players can earn, but beyond that fact, there isn’t much here to warrant a return visit or a visit in the first place for that matter.

2. Ultaverse – Ulta Beauty


The Ultaverse is interesting, to say the least. It’s quite apparent that the main reason for this experience to exist is so people can buy different items that are showcased within it, but that doesn’t mean that the time spent inside isn’t worth it. There isn’t much to this one besides taking part in a Beauty Contest, but with the sheer lack of participation from other players, gamers won’t have to try very hard to take home the first prize if they jump into this one.

1. Chipotle Burrito Builder – Chipotle


Taking home the top spot on this particular list, the Chipotle Burrito Builder experience has to be one of the jankiest experiences that we’ve ever jumped into on the site. However, it’s an endearing level of jankiness, and could lead to some great content for those hoping to capitalize on it. There’s just something hilarious about this whole idea, and it plays out perfectly, that players should at least jump into this one once or twice.

While it’s still rather strange seeing the sheer amount of corporate experiences on Roblox, these by far have to be the weirdest that gamers can find themselves in. For those running out of things to do in Pixel Piece or Royale High that are looking for something new to try, these are bound to be worth at least a few laughs in the long haul.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023

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