Roblox Pixel Piece Devil Fruit Tier List – All Devil Fruit Ranked

Find out which fruits are worth the time and effort to find!

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers continue to press towards becoming the King of the Pirate in Pixel Piece, learning which of the Pixel Fruits is worth your time and effort to hunt down could make the difference between life and death. This new experience in Roblox is making waves in countless ways, so players hoping to become the greatest of all time need to have the best items and weapons around.

However, with a rather small list of Devil Fruits currently available in this title, there are bound to be some fruits that take the top spot without much competition. Let’s dive in and find out which of the Devil Fruits currently available should be sought after, and which ones may be better off left behind.

Where To Get Fruits In Pixel Piece

Gamers that are hoping to claim one of these powerful fruits for themselves will need to either set out on an adventure, hoping to find them in the wild, or purchase them from the Black Market. Players that are hoping to find this particular shop will need to make their way to the Central Port, which is located near the Orange Town location. Players may need to make a fair bit of progress before being able to purchase a Fruit.

Players hoping to set out on a true adventure can purchase the Fruit Notifier Game Pass item, which costs 2,199 Robux. According to the official Trello page for Pixel Piece, this item pairs great with the Pixel Fruit Bag and SmokeCycle items to give gamers the chance to get to these amazing powers quickly.

All Devil Fruit Ranked In Pixel Piece – Ranked Tier List

With new Devil Fruits on the way, this list is bound to change shortly. However, as it stands, there are a few Fruits that are above and beyond the others in terms of power and performance. While this may be a personal opinion, gamers should still take the chance to start searching these out.

D-Tier Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece

While it may not hurt to use one of these to start your adventure, players will want to search out different Devil Fruits as soon as possible. While they may be weak, they are a bit better than nothing and give players an idea of how these fruits function in the game.

  • Kilo-Kilo
    • Kilo Walk, Kilo Crash, 1,000kg, 10,000kg, Kilo Rise, Kilo Force
  • Spin-Spin
    • Spinning Disaster, Spinning Assault, Spinning Flight

C-Tier Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece

These may offer a bit more power, but still aren’t going to have much to offer to gamers hoping to become the King of the Pirates. Try them out for a while, but don’t spend too much time trying to become a master, as other fruits are deserving of your time and effort.

  • Suke-Suke
    • Self Invisible, Party Invisible
  • Smooth-Smooth
    • Smooth Floor, Smooth Push

B-Tier Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece

These fruits give gamers a great chance to survive in PVP encounters, as well as grind for plenty of levels while challenging the NPC characters available in this experience. There are still some that will be better in the overall scheme of things, but the B-Tier Pixel Fruits are worth searching for.

  • Cry-Cry
    • Kenpopo, Chiyupop, Hogopopo
  • Bomb-Bomb
    • Bomb Shot, Bomb Rush, Bomb Booster, Bomb Destruct

A-Tier Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece

Some of the most powerful fruits currently available in this game, players that are lucky enough to find these will have some of the best powers around. These will help those hoping to become the best PVP player get their foot in the door, as well as an easy way to exterminate plenty of NPC enemies.

  • Hie-Hie
    • Ice Hawk, Ice Spears, Ice Hammer, Ice Stomp, Frozen Time, Ultimate Stomp, Ice Ice

S-Tier Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece

The best of the best, not only does this particular fruit give players plenty of opportunities to showcase their true power. This particular fruit has amazing mobility possibilities, alongside many different skills to put players in total command of their skills. Make sure to master the basic controls before trying to command others with this one.

  • Mera-Mera
    • Flame Snap, Flame Flight, Shinka Shiranui, Flame Repulse, Hiken, Hono No Hashira, Dai Enkai Entei

With players claiming the power of the Devil Fruits, working towards becoming the most powerful pirate on the server is the next goal. Once PVP is unlocked, gamers can hold their heads high knowing that they’ve got the best list of Fruits available and become the greatest of all time.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023

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