Roblox Pixel Piece – How To Get Cutlass Charlie (Mythical Item)

Want to claim Cutlass Charlie for your own? Find out how!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to claim one of the most powerful weapons currently available in Pixel Piece, the newest One Piece-themed experience in Roblox have been searching far and wide to claim Cutlass Charlie. Not only does this blade look incredible, but it is also capable of delivering a fair bit of damage, as well.

But, what will players need to do to claim this powerful weapon for their own? Thankfully, the process to earn it isn’t very hard, and can grant the player a fair number of levels in the process, but could require a fair bit of time before players can finally get one of their own. Let’s find out how to claim this sword for our own!

Where To Get Cutlass Charlie In Pixel Piece

  • Laft-NPC-Pixel-Piece
  • Clown-Pirates-Combat
  • Pixel-Piece-Clown-Pirates

Players hoping to get their hands on this powerful sword won’t need to use codes or any sort of cheats to unlock it, they’ll just need to have some spare time on their hands. The first thing that players will need to ensure that they’re doing is raising their level to at least 35, to unlock the quest from Laft in Orange Town.

Once players have arrived at this location, they’ll need to accept the quest that they have been given to eliminate 7 Clown Pirates. Once players have begun their quest, they’ll find plenty of Clown Pirates in the immediate area, so get to the slaying.

If players are in the 35+ level range, these enemies should be quick work. While they may also have swords, a perfectly timed block will give players the perfect chance to bring this battle to a close quickly. If you aren’t sure how to block, be sure to review our control guide so you can play like a pro.

Cutlass Charlie is one of the lowest drop-rate items when it comes to weapons available in the game, so players will need a bit of patience to finally earn this rare sword. Since it has a random drop rate, there is no surefire way to finally obtain it, but grinding will get players closer to the prize than ever before.

With multiple items available to claim from these particular enemies, as well as a great opportunity to grind, players need to make their way over to Orange Town as quickly as possible to ensure that they can power themselves up in the quickest fashion.

Once players have gotten their hands on this rare blade, there is a good chance that a Stat Reset could be in favor of them, as the blade can do devastating damage with the right setup.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 3rd, 2023

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