All Roblox Royale High Spring Halo Answers (2023)

Get ready to claim a new Halo in Roblox Royale High!

by Shaun Cichacki

For those hoping to finally get the chance to pull a Halo in Royale High, finding the proper answers to give the Fountain of Dreams is key. While it may not guarantee a Halo pull, as they are incredibly rare and valuable items, knowing the proper choices to claim one is great knowledge to have.

Jumping into this beautiful RP experience in Roblox, players will have a chance to show off their skills with the quiz, but having some inside knowledge as to which answers will give players the object they so desire can make this exciting school simulation experience even more enchanting. Let’s find out which answers players should give to increase their odds of finally claiming a Halo of their own.

Where To Take The Quiz In Roblox Royale High


Players hoping to get to the Fountain of Dreams as quickly as possible should head towards Divina Park, near the Battle a la Royale Archery to accomplish this. If you are in a major rush, however, there is the option to teleport directly to the Fountain of Dreams from the main menu when logging in.

Players that choose this option will just need to continue moving forward until they come across a dreamy fountain in the middle of the road. There will be a large fountain that students can click on, and get the chance to take this magical quiz.

Much like the previous Winter Halo Quiz that took the game by storm, players will need to answer a question given to them by the Fountain Of Dreams. While players may be able to earn diamonds and other items, the coveted Halos can only be earned by answering a particular question correctly. Let’s find out which answers will give players the best chance to get one.

Royale High Spring Halo 2023 Quiz Answers

Players will read through special stories that players have submitted into this title and can choose between 4 different answers. While players may receive diamonds and XP instead of the Halo, if they select the right choice and are lucky enough to receive one of these rare items, they’ll be greeted with a unique ending to the story. These answers will give players the best chance of claiming a Halo.

Story Name & Creator NameOption For Highest Halo Chance
Getting Lost In Divina Park (BlaBlues250)Answer B
Petting Zoo Exhibit (Devilandcat)Answer C
The Tulip Path (PikachuYAY85)Answer B
Follow The Arrows (BlaBlues250)Answer B
Bunnies In The Tunnel (cakeclaircake)Answer Either B or D
Wendy & Rowena (lightbulb1970)Answer B
Violet’s Activities (taeatetea)Answer D
Three Flower Fields (QuillLaLoka)Answer A
Heavy Rain (SleepyGoblinz)Answer C
Honking Goose Behind You (Unicorn60100)Answer Either B or C
Baby Chicks (Notlucyugh)Answer A

While there are also other questions asked during this exchange with the Fountain of Dreams, students can only earn diamonds or XP for answering these correctly. There isn’t much to lose when it comes to these other questions, so make sure to bookmark this page to ensure that a Halo will soon be ready to claim.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 3rd, 2023

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