Roblox DOORS – All Entities And How To Survive Them

Learn about all of the creatures in DOORS, the scariest game on Roblox!

by Shaun Cichacki

As players make their way through the terrifying halls of DOORS, one of the creepiest experiences on Roblox, they may find themselves getting caught by the entities roaming the halls more often than they would like to admit. Some of these creatures, such as The Dupe, are rather tricky in the way that they catch the player off guard without a moment’s notice.

However, gamers can depend on us to deliver the most complete compendium of Entity entries around, as well as tips and tricks on how to avoid these things that go bump in the night. Let’s grab a flashlight, and see if we can’t ensure a victory, rather than a defeat on the next run of DOORS.

All Entities And Ways To Survive Them in DOORS

With a fair number of creatures and spirits roaming these cursed halls, players may need to find out how to avoid the terrifying creatures in this Roblox experience. Let’s go into detail about what players may need to avoid, and the best ways to do just that.

Entity #1: Figure


Players that have made their way into Rooms 50 & 100 have had the horrifying experience of running into Figure, one of the most haunting creatures that roam the halls of DOORS. However, while they may be terrifying to view, there is a special trick that players can utilize to avoid meeting their untimely doom.

Figure is completely blind, so while the first thing players may want to do when they see this creature is run away, or try to get by it as fast as possible, crouching as low to the floor as possible and walking by as slowly as possible can ensure that players will live to see another day.

Entity #2: Rush


Rush is a speed demon, and can take the player out quickly if they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. The first way that players can ensure Rush is on its way is if the lights begin to flicker in the room they have just entered. What can players do to avoid this particular creature, however?

Jump into the closest Wardrobe and wait for what sounds like an approaching train. Players will see something zoom past their small field of view quickly, meaning that Rush has finally gotten past them. After emerging, players will notice that the room has gone entirely dark, and the way to exit has been opened.

Entity #3: Ambush


Ambush is the much more aggressive, older brother of the previous entry, Rush. While players get a fair amount of time to react to Rush, Ambush will fly into the room and take out a player without much notice, meaning that gamers will need to pay much more attention to their run during the latter half of their adventure.

Much like Rush, players will need to find a Cupboard as quickly as possible. However, what makes this spirit harder to avoid is the fact that it can follow a player if they are not careful, even coming into new rooms with them. Players should avoid Cupboards that are facing doors, and keep out of their line of sight. Players will know that they’ve avoided Ambush rather than Rush if the door to the new room does not open.

Entity #4: Seek


Those hoping for a stress-free run will not enjoy their first encounter with Seek. Players will know if Seek is around the corner if they begin seeing eyes popping up in the rooms that they are visiting. While players may encounter Seek two different times in their run, the encounters will play out very similarly.

As its name suggests, Seek will run after players quite rapidly, and gamers will need to be quick to react when it comes to this particular demon. Thankfully, its appearance is known right away, as a cutscene will trigger when this spirit has come forth. Players will just need to follow the Guiding Light in the chase to avoid getting caught by Seek.

Entity #5: Halt


Halt is one of the most terrifying on the list because their entrance is incredibly jarring to the player. When entering a new room, DOORS fans may notice that lights begin flashing rapidly, and for much longer than normal. This means that Halt is waiting for them in the next room, but thankfully, you’ve come prepared.

If players begin to see the text Turn Around or Run Away appear on the screen, they’ll simply need to walk backward to avoid this monster. While it may be terrifying to look them straight in the face while doing so, it makes the trek through this hallway much easier to accomplish. Players simply need to make their way to the end before they can continue their run.

Entity #6: Eyes


Easily one of the most eye-conic entities on this list, Eyes is also one of the easiest to avoid in the grand scheme of things. While their appearance may be sudden, those with nerves of steel and the speed to avoid their gaze will find these rooms to be quite easy.

All players will need to do once they encounter a room with Eyes inside is look away and hug the walls to escape through to the next room. That’s really all there is to it. Avoid looking into the Eyes, and escape through into the next room to survive another day in this haunted hotel.

Entity # 7: Screech


If players find themselves stuck in a dark room without a light source, there is a good chance that they’ll get a visit from Screech sooner than later. This entity likes to hide out in the corners of the darkest depths of the Rooms players visit, and if they don’t have a candle, lighter, or flashlight, they will see this creature soon.

The easiest way to avoid Screech is to either purchase a flashlight before their run to ensure they have a light source, or find a lighter or candle before progressing too far into the world of DOORS. Finding the exit quickly is key, and once in a new room, players will want to make sure that they check behind them to see if Screech has followed them into the new location. If players find it, they can avoid taking damage, rather than Screech finding them.

Entity #8: The Dupe


The Dupe is one of the newest creatures added to DOORS and can be one of the easiest to lose track of. As its name suggests, The Dupe will trick players into entering a duplicate door, where it will quickly cause damage to the player. However, there is a simple trick to avoiding this creature.

Players will need to pay attention to the room number of the door that they have entered. As players continue through their adventure, they may find themselves in Room 28, for example. When exploring, there will be another Room 28 door, as well as a Room 29 door. The Dupe will be hiding behind the second Room 28 door. If you are struggling with this entity, we’ve got you covered on how to survive against them.

Lesser Entities In DOORS

There are a few other entities that are in this title, and the majority of them pose no harm to the player. As groups or solo players make their way through the Halls, they may encounter these souls:

  • Hide
    • Located inside of Cupboards, it will push the player out if they stay in one for too long
  • Jack
    • A quick jumpscare to freak the player out, will not cause damage
  • Glitch
    • Will appear to push players into a new room if an error occurs, non-hostile
  • Timothy
    • A small spider, which can cause minor damage, found inside drawers at random points
  • Shadow
    • The rarest entity, it will cause a jump scare but no damage
  • Window
    • A malicious grin that will occasionally appear in the windows of a room, non-hostile

As players continue navigating through these terrifying halls, they can only anticipate what will be added next. It seems the developers are ready to throw some more scares our way, and we are all here for it. Let’s make the next run through DOORS the best yet, and be sure to grab a light before heading on into this terrifying experience.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 3rd, 2023

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