How To Clear All 16 Levels And Survive in Roblox Apeirophobia

Clear your phobias with this in-depth guide on how to survive Apeirophobia with ease!

by Shaun Cichacki

As Roblox gamers make their way through this terrifying experience on the platform, knowing exactly what to do to survive while exploring the depths of Apeirophobia can help those struggling to escape this Backrooms-inspired game see another day.

But, what is going to be the best plan of action when attempting to survive through 16 different levels? Are all of them pretty similar, or are each of these rooms a fair bit different? Let’s dive right in and find out the best way to ensure survival every night in Apeirophobia.

How To Survive All Nights In Apeirophobia

With a total of 16 levels to escape from, each room has its own unique hook and gimmick, and by following along with our in-depth guide, players will have no issues escaping from this terrifying experience without losing all of their lives. Be ready for action, and some scares, and prepare to conquer Apeirophobia.

Level 0 – Lobby


The first room that players will find themselves in is The Lobby, which is by far the easiest room to escape. All players will need to do in this particular situation is make their way through the Backrooms, and find large arrows painted on the walls, pointing them in the direction of the exit. Climb the ladder and continue on your journey.

Level 1 – Pool Rooms


Players will find themselves stuck in a long corridor, and need to dash through to the real part of this level. Inside of the Pool Rooms, players will find a flooded nightmare scape that they need to not only clear without dying, but they’ll also need to find and turn 6 valves in this room. Hug the walls, and keep an eye peeled on the ceilings to see if there are any valves up towards the top. Once all of the valves have been turned, find the exit with the large, green light and dive in to get to the next level.

Level 2 – Window Room


By far the easiest level in the game, make your way up the flight of stairs and continue down the hallway. Once you have either explored enough, or just want to get through this stage without getting scared, make your way to the end of this hallway, take a left, then a right, and jump off of the edge.

Level 3 – Abandoned Office


Find three keys and escape. The problem with this level is, all of the key locations change every round, and are randomized so players won’t know where they are. There is also the first major Entity in this room that will kill you if it catches you making sound, so stop what you’re doing and crouch down if you hear the beating heart notification. Once you have got all of the keys, players will need to find and hit 3 Red Buttons before getting to escape.

Level 4 – The Sewers


Another very straightforward level, players will just need to follow the path laid before them to escape from this terrifying hallway. There is really nothing to fear in this level, so players can take their time if they need a break, but don’t take too long just in case.

Level 5 – Cave System


The Cave System is one of the darkest levels in the game, so make sure you’ve got your flashlight going at all times. There is one Entity in this level that can shapeshift, so players can hold their flashlight on it to stop it from taking the shape of you and killing you. This level functions as a maze, and seems to be randomized, so keep pushing through until players come across a large, purple portal at the end of the stage.

Level 6 – Run


Unlike the previous stages that gave players a chance to breathe, they’ll need to be on high alert with this obstacle course. They’re greeted by an Entity through a cutscene, and players will need to dash through to the end and make sure they don’t get caught. Just keep running, jumping, and avoiding obstacles to get through unscathed.

Level 7 – The End?

  • The-End-Apeirophobia
  • No-Entry-Apeirophobia

This one is a bit of a doozy. Players will need to make their way around this abandoned room and keep note of how many dice they find, and the colors that they all are. It will make sense in a little bit. Once players have combed over every inch of this room and found them all, they’ll need to access the PC system near the front desk. Following along with the prompts on the PC, input the information that it needs, as it is random every time.

After this has been done, players will want to go through the No Entry door that is in the back of the shop and input the code that they received from the computer. Once in this room, make your way through the tiny hallways and get into the vent. Crawl through and drop down into the new room, where you will find a book on the shelves.


Grab the book, and flip the pages, where you will find a list of codes. One of these codes will open the door, and it’s randomized each time. Good luck finding the right one! Go to the No Entry door and punch in all of the codes until it unlocks, and climb through the vents once more. In the new room, access the PC and type the letter Y to continue, this will unlock the exit.

Level 8 – Lights Out


Much like the first level, players will need to make their way through these abandoned halls without getting caught. There is one Entity creeping around here that will kill you on sight, so make sure to use your environment to your advantage. Players will just need to continue their way through these halls, checking to find the exit in one of the rooms off of the side. Use the Green Lights on the ceiling to your advantage, as that means you’re going in the right direction.

Level 9 – Sublimity


Get out of the water as quickly as possible, or you’ll die from drowning rather than from a demon. All players need to do is find the water slide in this level and touch it to get transported to the next proper level of this game.

Level 10 – The Abyss


Players will find themselves in the strangest locker room of all time, and they need to find a key. All of the spots are random, with 4 total keys in this room. The problem is, only 1 key will unlock the exit. Two Entities in this room will kill you if they hear you making too much noise, so keep quiet if you hear the familiar heart beating sound. Once players have found the keys, go to the exit and try them out. Get through to go to the next level.

Level 11 – The Warehouse


Much like Level 7, players will need to scour this abandoned warehouse in search of color die once more. However, players will need to do things a little bit differently this time around, as there will be 4 die in total from the start of the room to the back. Players will need to then input the colors into the keypad, and try different variations until the room unlocks. Run in and grab the crowbar off of the table and break the boards off of the door.


Players will once again need to press Y at the computer in this room to unlock the Terminal Gate, which unlocks a giant room full of obstacles that players will need to jump through and over. Once they reach the end, there will be a key on a table available for players to grab, and they can continue to the next portion of this level. Unlock the newest door and go inside.


Players will find another key as they continue on this obstacle course and will need it to unlock the final door before the exit is finally unveiled. Press the giant red button at the end of this course and head through the gate to get to the next level.

Level 12 – Creative Minds


In this level, players will need to scour through the rooms available to find some paintings. All players need to do here is locate and bring these paintings back to the main room, one at a time, until they have found three in total. Their locations are randomized, so they will be in different spots for each playthrough.

As players grab paintings, the rooms will start to glow an ominous red, but as long as they keep moving, no entities or jumpscares should get them. As soon as the final painting is put onto the pedestal, players will want to rush towards the exit and into the next room.

Level 13 – The Funrooms


Looking like something straight out of Five Nights At Freddy’s, gamers will need to navigate themselves through this hellish birthday party. Climb through the rooms, the different play pieces, and everything around to hit small stars with light to turn them on. Beware, however, as there is an Entity that is roaming around in these parts. Once all five stars have been turned on, it will appear.

What makes this creature unique is the fact that it will teleport directly behind you, and you will need to use your camera if you hope to survive. Players will need to turn around quickly and stare at it until it leaves their vision. Once the creature is fully gone, they’ll be able to proceed ahead a bit further, but keep track of the sounds you hear as you make your way through this room. It will appear multiple times.

  • New-Room-The-Funrooms-Apeirophobia
  • Exit

In this new area, players will need to track down three teddy bears while keeping their eyes peeled for this horrible creature. Once all of the bears have been claimed, players will just need to find the exit, which is a large blue door on the stage of the show. Enter this door to make it to the next level.

Level 14 – Electrical Station


Once players have made it into the Electrical Station, they can breathe easily. While this level may be long, and reliant on a randomizer, it’s much easier than the previous room and much less terrifying. While there is an entity that can appear in the generator room, players should be able to avoid them with ease.

Gamers will need to find a screwdriver and a wire cutter, which once found and picked up, will trigger an alarm. Players will then need to follow the arrows on the wall to get to where they need to be, as if the alarms ring for too long, you’ll meet your end quickly and painfully.


Head back towards the entrance, where players will find an electrical box. Cut all of the wires, and access the PC inside of the room, pressing Y again to gain control of the alarm system and exit. After this, players will need to find and track down the alarms, which are in the first big generator room they encounter. Turn off the alarms, and head for the exit.

Level 15 – The Ocean of the Final Frontier


This is the final big challenge of the game, as players will find themselves on a slowly sinking raft on the ocean, being chased by a giant entity. Thankfully, this creature cannot harm you unless it gets too close to the boat, so focus on repairing the holes in your raft, and putting out any engine fires if they happen. Players will need to keep this up for a few minutes, and they will be heading toward the final level.

Level 16 – Crumbling Memory


This room may look familiar — or what you can see of it. You’re back in the Backrooms once again, but this time, it’s pitch black. Use your flashlight, and attempt to follow the ceiling to get out of here for the final time and complete the game. However, keep moving, as there is an entity in this room that will take your life if you are not moving quickly enough. Just keep moving on through, and before you know it, you’ll have completed Apeirophobia.

While this title is currently in an Alpha state, there is a chance that this could be the final batch of levels added to the game. However, if more levels are added to this terrifying Roblox experience, be sure to keep it bookmarked so you can get all of the help you need to escape these new rooms when, and if, they release.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 13th, 2023

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