Elden Ring Revenants: How to Beat Revenants Effectively

How can players survive these grotesque, cursed foes?

by Marc Magrini
Elden Ring Revenants: How to Beat Revenants Effectively

Elden Ring is a game with many powerful foes. Many of the boss fights that players encounter will keep them on their toes, but even normal enemies might be surprisingly more difficult than usual. One such enemy is the Revenant, a spider-like humanoid with incredible speed. One Revenant can even be encountered as a boss, but the more common variants can lead to a great amount of trouble – especially the group of Revenants found in Elphael on the way to Marika’s Soreseal. Thankfully, there are many tactics and abilities that players can use to beat Revenants effectively.

How to Beat Revenants Effectively in Elden Ring

The rapid pace at which Revenants attack can be highly damaging to players. They usually let off a string of two, three, or four attacks in quick succession. This includes a flailing attack, which players should avoid by staying away from the Revenant’s head; staying closer to its elbows or torso will make you much safer. They can also spit poison at players, most notably after crawling into the ground and reappearing. Even if you keep away from the poison, ranged attacks will be ineffective due to the revenant’s lunges. Instead, players should opt to use shields and fast weapons. A Revenant’s attacks are mostly physical, so guarding against them will keep the player from taking much damage at all.

Above all else, however, Revenants are most weak to area-of-effect healing. Spells like Erdtree Heal will deal incredible damage to Revenants, instantly staggering them, while spells like Blessing’s Boon will slowly drain the Revenant’s HP over time. This won’t apply to spells or items that only heal yourself, but even the weakest Heal spell will deal immense damage. Ironically, this makes player-friendly support builds the strongest builds to battle Revenants with. If you’re able to give yourself 12 Faith and a good sacred seal, this is the best way to effectively beat Revenants.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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