Does Dexterity Increase Attack Speed in Elden Ring? Explained

Clearing up some confusion regarding this critical character stat.

by Elliott Gatica
Does Dexterity increase attack speed in Elden Ring

One thing that Elden Ring doesn’t do very often is to hold your hand. You have to seek tutorials, routes, and explanations for many things without them being shoved into your face. This also includes knowing what each stat does and how they affect your gameplay when you level them up. For instance, Dexterity is considered one of the best overall stats, but what does it do? Does Dexterity increase attack speed in Elden Ring? Here, we’ll go over what the stat does.

Does Dexterity Increase Attack Speed in Elden Ring?

In short, Dexterity does not increase attack speed. What it does instead is reduces spell casting times, lessen fall damage, and make you more resistant to getting knocked off Torrent. Also, it’s one of the more versatile stats because it’s used in a majority of the weapons as a required stat and for attribute scaling.

There’s a lot of talk about Dexterity being one of the best stats because it is versatile. If you’re a magic user, you can pick up other weapons that scale with Faith or Intelligence so you won’t have to dip into another stat that doesn’t benefit your build. The same applies if you take a more melee-focused route.

Another reason for Dexterity being one of the best and most versatile stats is that when you’re on Torrent while facing a boss like the Night’s Cavalry or a Dragon, you won’t fall off right away. Falling off your steed is basically a death sentence. That one extra hit you can take between falling off and staying on Torrents can really turn the tide, especially if you’re using the jousting method to take field bosses on.

If you’re looking for items on a cliff dropping down steep inclines or trying to get back to your pile of lost runes, you reduce the likelihood of dying with a higher Dexterity stat. This is especially helpful when it comes to Tunnel dungeons, but does not prevent death from huge falls where you fall for more than about a second.

Elden Ring is available now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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