Elden Ring Update 1.07.1 Patch Notes

Find out the changes that have come in the most recent update for Elden Ring!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players returning to Limgrave for another exciting Elden Ring adventure were over the moon at the release of Update 1.07. Not only did it bring some much-needed balance to some of the encounters that players would strive to live through, but it also brought many other changes to the magnum opus that FromSoftware put out earlier this year.

While players may be eager to learn what Update 1.07.1 brings to the table, it’s nowhere near as meaty as the previous patch. However, there is a specific change that may bring joy to players, so let’s strap on our best gear and head deep into the world of Elden Ring to see what was fixed up with the newest update to the game!

Elden Ring Version 1.07.1 Patch Notes

Ash of War – Endure

  • Shortened effect duration. Adjustments made in patch 1.07 had a greater impact on the game balance than expected.

Incantation – Inescapable Frenzy

  • Fixed a bug where the FP consumption was not properly reduced in patch 1.07.

Additional information

  • The version number of this update shown at the lower right corner of the Title Screen will be as follows:
    • App Ver. 1.07
    • Regulation Ver. 1.07.1
  • The incantation Flame of the Fell God and Gurranq’s Beast Claw cannot be charged; patch notes were edited accordingly.
  •  The incantation Black Blade is currently missing its follow-up attack when cast from the left hand. This issue will be corrected in a future update.
  •  We will continue to provide game balance updates in the future to improve your ELDEN RING experience.

While it may not be as substantial, you’ll still find a few things to get excited about with this new update. As we continue our journies through the lands that never end, you’ll need all of the help you can get on your adventure. These updates may be small, but their impact will be felt by plenty of gamers across the globe.

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Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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