How to Access the Leyndell Colosseum After it Becomes the Ashen Capital in Elden Ring

Can you still fight in Leyndell's colosseum after reaching Elden Ring's finale?

by Marc Magrini
How to Access the Leyndell Colosseum After it Becomes the Ashen Capital in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has just received its latest update, granting players access to the three colosseums found throughout the Lands Between. These colosseums offer a new way to play online with friends and foes alike, with duels and team battles being among the options players can discover in these arenas. Players can visit these locations by searching for them on the map, though one in particular might be difficult to reach. The colosseum in Leyndell, Royal Capital isn’t too difficult to reach for players traversing the area normally. But for those that hit a certain point of no return, the normal path can seem almost insurmountable. It’s still possible to access the Leyndell colosseum after the area becomes the Ashen Capital, but the route might not be so clear at first.

How to Access the Royal Capital’s Colosseum After it Becomes Leyndell, Ashen Capital in Elden Ring

Following the events that trigger Elden Ring’s finale, Leyndell will become covered in ash. This blocks off most routes to and from important points within the capital. At first, it appears as though this includes the colosseum, but this actually isn’t the case. After traveling to the Leyndell, Capital of Ash Site of Grace, head to the massive dragon corpse. You might have climbed onto its wing during your first visit to Leyndell, but this time you’ll want to go under its wing and walk along the nearby building’s wall. Before long, you’ll see some rubble that you can jump onto, granting access to a part of the capital that’s otherwise unreachable. From there, look for a ladder and climb up it, and the path to the colosseum should be incredibly straightforward!

You can also jump down onto this path from above. The Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace leads to an elevator and a set of stairs. Jumping on the banister will let you jump to the nearby building’s roof, but this requires some very careful precision. No matter which path you take, opening door to the colosseum and stepping inside will unlock it for online matches. If you’ve already visited the colosseum before reaching the point of no return, there’s no need to re-unlock it. Though most of Leyndell becomes inaccessible after it becomes the Ashen Capital, rest assured that you won’t need to start a new journey to check out the colosseum!

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 7th, 2022

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