Pokemon GO – How to Catch Kecleon & Can It Be Shiny?

Ready to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO? Find out how to capture them here!

by Shaun Cichacki

One of the more elusive Pokemon in history, Kecleon, has finally been added to the world of Pokemon GO, and players are beyond ecstatic about the chance to claim one of their own. But, how are players going to finally claim one of these camouflaged chameleons for their own? They’re one of the hardest Pokemon to find in the game, but with our help, players can claim one quickly.

Can you find them in the wild, or are they hiding in plain sight? Let’s jump right into this exciting world, and make a trip outside to finally add Kecleon to our collection in this wonderful mobile title.

How To Find Kecleon In Pokemon GO

As players make their way outside into the world, no matter if it’s to claim some free items from PokeStops, or battle against some powerful foes during the special events that are happening in the game, keeping an eye out for this Pokemon is a top priority.

However, players are not going to find them just hanging out in the overworld, like other Pokemon. They’re a bit more sneaky than that, so players are going to need to check all of the PokeStops in their area to see if they’re hanging out here. But, how will players finally see them in the game?

They’re going to be hanging out, masked and invisible, on the art for the PokeStop once it’s been clicked on. It may sound difficult to spot them, but the effect is fairly noticeable and gives players the chance to spot this Pokemon quickly and easily. Tapping on them will start the encounter, and players can capture and tame this Pokemon for their own.

Can Kecleon Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Players love the idea of a Shiny Hunt, and while these particular Pokemon do not add any sort of competitive advantage on the battlefield, finding a special version of a favorite Pokemon can be rather exciting. Since Kecleon is so new to the game, players may be expecting to learn that they do not have any Shiny data in the game.

However, players that have found this elusive Pokemon can rest assured, as Kecleon can be Shiny in Pokemon GO. While it’s rare to come across one in the wild, there is a chance that players can capture this Chameleon Pokemon in its Shiny form.

If players have not encountered a Shiny Pokemon before, there are a few different ways to ensure that it is actually Shiny. The first thing is a noticeable change in its color, however, some Pokemon do not follow this rule. However, a surefire way to ensure that you’re in an encounter with a Shiny Pokemon is to look for a flash of stars at the start of the encounter, alongside an icon next to their name to show that they are this rare variant.

Kecleon Perfect IV Stats

While players may covet this special Pokemon for its rarity and its unique capture method, they may also be wondering if they’ll be able to add it to their team and have it be a permanent member of the squad. Thankfully, they’re rather powerful, but they may not be the best addition. Those hoping to have one because they think they’re adorable may be shocked to see how competent it is in battle, and can cause a fair bit of damage to those not expecting it.

  • Max CP: 2,047
  • Max HP: 134
  • Attack: 161
  • Defense: 189
  • Stamina: 155

Those hoping to claim as many Kecleon as possible will need to get out and about to capture one, and while an Auto Catcher may not benefit them for this particular Pokemon, it’s a useful gadget to capture as many Pokemon as possible while roaming around the city. Make sure to clear some space from your Inventory to capture countless Pokemon, and you’ll be ready to be a master!

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023

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