Pokemon GO Jigglypuff Spotlight Hour – Schedule, Can It Be Shiny & Perfect IVs

Get ready for the Spotlight Hour, featuring Jigglypuff!

by Shaun Cichacki

Trainers hoping to pad their pockets with plenty of puffy Pokemon should tune in for this Spotlight Hour event in Pokemon GO. Not only will players have a chance to get an excellent bonus that can help push them to the next hour, but Jigglypuff will be the main focus for those wanting to hunt down some new monsters.

But, when does Spotlight Hour take place, and when should Trainers prepare themselves for the most exciting part of the week? Let’s grab all of our Pokemon GO accessories and get out into the world on our journey to try and catch ’em all!

Pokemon GO Jigglypuff Spotlight Hour: Schedule & Bonuses

Gamers hoping to add this pink puffball to their team in Pokemon GO will want to clear some time from their schedule starting on February 21 from 6:00pm until 7:00pm Local Time. During this hour, players will find an enhanced spawn rate has taken effect, and neighborhoods will be full of Jigglypuff.

Players that are hoping to level up their Trainer Level a fair bit with ease should get out during this Spotlight Hour since the bonus for this week’s event is x2 Catch XP. This means that Trainer Levels can get the boost that they need, so players can finally get to the next tier quickly and painlessly.

Can Jigglypuff Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Players love the idea of a Shiny hunt, as these rare monsters can be quite troublesome to find. However, during events, including Spotlight Hour, there is a better chance than ever for players to finally get their hands on some of their most sought-after Pokemon in this special form.

Gamers hoping to find Jigglypuff in this special form will be happy to know that they can be found as a Shiny in Pokemon GO! While they may not have a very noticeable Shiny, it’s still fun to try and track down this particular monster. While they don’t have any competitive advantages in battle, they’re nice to look at and can make an old favorite feel new once again.

With Jigglypuff having a very hard-to-notice Shiny version, players may need some help knowing how to spot them in the wild. During an Encounter, players will see a flash of stars at the start, alongside an icon next to their name to show that they are Shiny.

Jigglypuff Perfect IVs in Pokemon GO

While Jigglypuff may be one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time, players may be wondering if they’re worthwhile to have on their team. While they may be adorable, they’re also quite resilient in battle and could be a great addition to the team if players are hoping to have a strong defender and tank in their crew.

  • Max CP: 724
  • Max HP: 210
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 41
  • Stamina: 251

What Jigglypuff lacks in attack power, they more than make up for in general Stamina, meaning that they’ll be able to be a great Gym Defender and take plenty of hits before giving up the fight. If players are hoping to get their hands on as many as possible, an Auto Catcher may be the best friend a Spotlight Hour player is looking for.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

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