DMZ Crunch Mission Guide | How to Complete 8 Contracts in Under 15 Minutes

by Thomas Cunliffe
Contract Warzone DMZ
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Crunch is a Tier 5 mission for the White Lotus faction in Warzone DMZ. In this mission, players must complete eight contracts within a tight deadline of fifteen minutes. With an average of less than two minutes per contract, this is no easy feat. Fortunately, this guide is packed with helpful tips, tricks, and strategies to make your experience while tackling Crunch in DMZ easier.

Easiest Way to Complete 8 Contracts in Under 15 Minutes in Warzone DMZ

These are the most effective strategies we’ve found while attempting to complete eight contracts in less than fifteen minutes in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ.

Deploy to Vondel

Image: Warzone Tac Map

Firstly, the best map to complete Crunch on is Vondel. Due to its comparatively small size, flat terrain, and areas dense with easy contracts, Vondel is by far the easiest location to complete eight contracts in such a small time limit.

Complete HVT and Secure Nuclear Material Contracts

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Eliminate HVT and Secure Nuclear Material are the fastest contracts to complete in DMZ. Keeping the Geiger Counter from your first Nuclear Material contract allows you to skip the first part of the task and head straight to the nuclear goodies waiting for you, saving precious time.

HVT (High-value target) contracts simply require you to kill a specific NPC. Thanks to our choice of Vondel, targets will generally be reasonably close-by and easy to dispatch and run to the next phone for a new contract.

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Pinging the next contract just before you pick up your current can save the time it takes to open your map and hunt for a new contract. Every second counts!

If neither contract is available, Secure Intel can be another fast task to complete. Destroy Supplies is also a decent choice, depending on how heavily guarded the targets are.

Cooperate With Your Friends

Image: Activision

Like the majority of missions in DMZ, Crunch can be completed with the help of your Squad. Whether they’re around to revive you, take down NPCs, or dispatch other players, teaming up with a buddy or two can make completing eight contracts in under fifteen minutes considerably easier. Unless they follow you around pretending to punch you like mine.

Take Your Time…?

Some players have reported that they have been able to complete Crunch despite going over the fifteen-minute timer, as well as completing the mission over multiple games. We haven’t been able to verify whether or not this has been fixed, but we recommend completing the full eight contracts, regardless of your remaining time — just in case.

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- This article was updated on August 6th, 2023

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