Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit Boss: All Flame Pillar Locations in Siofra River

You must light additional beacons!

by J.R. Waugh , Drew Kopp
Elden Ring Siofra Flame Pillars

Elden Ring positions most of its bosses at the end of long gauntlets of enemies designed to wear you down before the fight. However, some of the game’s bosses are hidden behind elaborate puzzles that test your environmental awareness, and few are more elaborate than the one blocking th epath to the Ancestor Spirit.  If you want to take on this majestic stag, you must first light all of the torches hidden across Siofra River.  Read on for our guide to All of Siofra River’s Flame Pillar Locations in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit Boss: All Flame Pillar Locations in Siofra River

The Siofra River is one of the biggest underground areas in Elden Ring, and you’ll need to find and light eight pillars scattered across the region before you can fight the Ancestral Spirit. Once you’ve cleared the network of hallways that leads into the main area, you’ll want to stop by the steps leading up to Hallowhorn Grounds and note the eight torches sitting besides the stairs. As you light the torches around the area, the ones here will light up individually, too. 

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The map above highlights the locations of all eight torches in Siofra River. They are laid out in a fairly striaght-forward order, so you can get most of them going in a straight line. Once you’ve found one, just interact with it to set it ablaze. However you will encounter resistance from the barbaric Ancestral Followers, who hit hard and are surprisingly fast. Don’t think you can cheese this by riding on Torrent either, as these enemies like to snipe you off your trusty steed with frustrating accuracy.

Once you’ve lit all the pillars, you’re free to challenge the Ancestral Spirit.  Acscend the steps of the Hallowhorn Grounds and you’ll spot the beast’s remains at the center of the ruins. Examine it, and you’ll be transported to a doorway you can pass through to fight the Ancestral Guardian. This is a reasonably challenging boss, as it can leap across the room, breathes freezing mist, and hits like a truck at early levels. However, I found that sticking the boss’s flanks allows you get a few good hits in before it starts jumping around again. 

Once you defeated the Ancestral Guardian, you’ll get Ancestral Follower Ashes, which allow you to summon the Ancestral Follower wherever you see the Arch icon. If you enjoyed fighting the Ancestral Guardian, you’ll be pleased to know that Nokron, the Eternal City is home to a tougher version of this boss called the Regal Ancestor Spirit.  There’s always a bigger fish, even if this fish lives on land and has antlers that can turn you into an armored kabob.

This concludes our guide to all of Siofra River’s flame pillar Locations in Elden Ring! However, the game is home to many other tough challenges and tricky puzzles, so be sure to check out our other guides if you’re having trouble. If you want to know our thoughts on Elden Ring as a whole, take a look at our review!

- This article was updated on July 27th, 2023

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