How to Farm Malignant Hearts Fast in Diablo 4 Season 1

Check out the best way to farm Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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The first season of Diablo 4 brought to the game a wide array of new items and mechanics, including the season-exclusive Malignant Heart system, which allows players to make use of Malignant Hearts in order to add massive buffs and truly broken additional effects to their gear. With that said, taking into account that there are 32 different types of hearts, all of which can be acquired at random, knowing how to farm them is vital. But can you even do that?

How to Farm Malignant Hearts Fast in Diablo 4 Season 1

After creating a new seasonal character capable of making full use of the features debuting as part of the Season of the Malignant and getting the ability to get the hearts through the use of the Cage of Binding, we found that the easiest and fastest way to farm Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 can be done by entering and completing Malignant Tunnels. Also, at the end of each Tunnel, you will be able to get a Heart of your choice by interacting with one of its Outgrowths.

Overall, each Malignant Tunnel will feature two Outgrowths, one Wraithfull and one of a rarity exclusive to the specific dungeon. After entering your Malignant Tunnel or choice and reaching its final area, you will be able to activate your Outgrowth of choice by making use of Malignant Invokers. Once activated, the Outgrowth will then summon a Fully Corrupted enemy guaranteed to drop a Malignant Heart matching it.

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How to Get Malignant Invokers

You can get Malignant Invokers of various types in Diablo 4 by heading to Cormond’s Wagon, picking your chosen type of Invoker, and then crafting them. Malignant Ichors, on the other hand, can be acquired by exchanging Vicious, Wrathful, Brutal, and Devious Malignant Hearts.

You can check out the items needed to craft the Vicious, Brutal, and Devious Invokers below:

Invoker TypeMaterials Needed to Craft
Brutal Malignant Invoker20 Vicious Malignant Ichors
20 Devious Malignant Ichors
50 Brutal Malignant Ichors
1,000 Gold
Vicious Malignant Invoker20 Devious Malignant Ichors
20 Brutal Malignant Ichors
50 Vicious Malignant Ichors
1,000 Gold
Devious Malignant Invoker20 Vicious Malignant Ichors
20 Brutal Malignant Ichors
50 Devious Malignant Ichors
1,000 Gold

This guide will be updated as more ways to effectively farm the hearts debut in the game.

- This article was updated on July 20th, 2023

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