Reviews on Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy dot com reviews all video game related content. This includes games, accessories, hardware, and other products that we feel may be of interest to our readers. For all products that we review, we give our reviewers the freedom to explore them on an objective and subjective level, and score them accordingly.

We use two scoring scales on our site.  On every review, you’ll find both a numerical score, in the familiar style of a star rating, and an “emotional score”, which is what our reviewer thought of the game on a personal level.

Our numbered scores range from 0-5 stars, and games are scored on half star increments.  This is the objective score of the game.  This numerical, objective score is determined without personal bias, and without opinion.  This numerical score is determined purely from the reality of the product, as is,  that we are reviewing at the time of publication.

The other score you’ll find in our reviews is a subjective score, or emotional score, which is purely the opinion of the author.  There are five possible emotional, subjective scores that a game/product can have on our site; Loved, Liked, Meh, Disliked, and Hated.  Each of these scores is denoted by a picture and color, as well as the word.   This score on every review indicates the sentiment that our reviewer had for the product, regardless of the objective quality of the game.

You’ll find that many games/products that we review will have scores that line-up between objective and subjective quality, and that’s common sense for you.  The higher objective quality of a product, the more likely that our reviewer is going to subjectively enjoy it, but it’s important, for you, the reader of our reviews, to know that any of these objective and subjective scores can be combined, and that you are not confused by a game rated 5 stars with a disliked rating.  It’s purely one part subjective and one part objective.

Video game publishers, PR companies, and other parties within the industry may send us review samples which allows us to spend adequate time with a product to provide a review for our readers. We do not accept products with any conditions, stipulations, or expectations attached to them. Though there are many times where we will agree to embargo coverage of a product until a specified date in the future. The nature of games dictates that our reviewers keep the products beyond the initial review period, so that they can keep up with the many updates and online patches and fixes that a product may receive over the course of its life. There are many cases where we review products that have not been sent to us by a company, as well. In this case, the reviewer has either purchased the item for themselves, or Attack of the Fanboy or Modern Media Group has purchased it for them.

Attack of the Fanboy does not profit from the sale of video games.

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