Togo: Floods - Oct 2022

Disaster description

Since October, heavy rains have poured down on the northern part of Togo (savannah region), causing overflowing water in communities and pockets of rain flooding in some areas. Three out of the seven prefectures in the Savannah region are seriously affected by flooding, namely the prefectures of Oti, Oti-Sud and Kpendjal.

This rainfall recorded from the northern zone and the rest of the country has spilled into the Mono River through the various affluent rivers. The Nangbéto dam is found on River Mono in the Maritime Region. On 17 October 2022, uninterrupted heavy rains in the Maritime Region caused an exponential rise in water levels and a spike in the dam’s water level. As from mid-October, Nangbéto dam officials reported that the water retention capacity had already been exceeded while forecasts predicted intense rainfalls in the coming days. On 17 October, River Mono, into which all the water from the northern region empty themselves, overflowed its banks. Dam officials were compelled to release waters to avoid dam failure and greater damages. This incident increased water levels in various streams especially in the Yoto, bas Mono and Lacs prefectures.

These widespread increases in the water level in communities destroyed crops in farms, affecting several hectares of rice, maize, soya, and beans. Floods also filled farm roads and caused material damage. Prominent among the material damage is the destruction of huts, flooding of schools and extensive livestock losses. On 25 October 2022, Togo’s National Disaster Prevention Agency (ANPC) released information collected in the Savanes and Maritime Regions, showing that over 18,596 people have been affected in the 2 regions. Inventories carried out so far by the ANPC and the Togolese Red Cross point to material damage and numerous vulnerable people. Preliminary region-based data show that the Maritime Region has been affected particularly. In fact, this region hosts 90% of those affected given that these people were hard hit by the release of water from the dam. (IFRC, 9 Nov 2022)

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