Haiti: Cholera Outbreak - Sep 2022

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After more than three years without a single cholera case, as of 2 October, Haitian authorities have confirmed two cases and identified several other suspected cases across several communes in the Ouest department, including the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and Cité Soleil. The deadly illness has resurfaced as the country continues to be paralyzed by gang blockades that have triggered severe shortages of fuel, safe drinking water and limited access to health services across the country.

Access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation services are critical for preventing the spread of cholera, raising serious concerns about containing the spread of the infection as heightened insecurity and mobility challenges increasingly limit access to both for most Haitians. Additionally, restricted access to affected areas creates challenges for the surveillance and timely assessment of the epidemiological situation while fuel shortages could affect the shipment of biological samples from health facilities to reference laboratories, creating an extra layer of complexity for prevention and response efforts. (OCHA, 3 Oct 2022)

Beyond the Ouest Department, where the majority of cholera cases are concentrated, the Centre, Artibonite and Nippes departments have also reported suspected cases. [...] As of 16 October, the Ministry of Health (MSPP) reported 22 inhospital deaths, 66 confirmed cases, and 564 suspected cases of cholera across the country, including 188 hospitalized cases. (OCHA, 17 Oct 2022)

Cholera cases continue to spread to new areas of the capital as well as to additional departments in the country. As of 8 November 2022, the Direction d'Épidémiologie, des Laboratoires et de la Recherche (DELR) reported 7,569 suspected cases and 712 confirmed cases of cholera across the country. Of these, 655 (92%) have been reported in the Ouest Department. Other departments that reported confirmed cases are Centre (37), Artibonite (18), and Grand’Anse (2). [...] Critical cholera supplies such as medicines, oral rehydration solution (ORS), rapid tests, ringer lactate, cholera beds as well as human resources are critically needed to scale up response activities. (PAHO, 10 Nov 2022)

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