About ReliefWeb

ReliefWeb is a humanitarian information service provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The service is managed by the Digital Services Section of OCHA's Information Management Branch.

ReliefWeb's editorial team monitors and collects information from more than 4,000 key sources, including humanitarian agencies at the international and local levels, governments, think-tanks and research institutions, and the media.

Our editors select, classify, curate and deliver the content that is most relevant to global humanitarian workers and decision-makers on a 24/7 basis, enabling them to make informed decisions and to plan effective response. Key content, including the latest reports, maps and infographics from trusted sources, is delivered through various channels - the reliefweb.int website, social media networks, subscription services, and other specialized OCHA platforms such as HumanitarianResponse.int, and OCHA corporate site through API or RSS - so that humanitarian workers can access a range of latest humanitarian information anywhere, any time.

ReliefWeb is also a valuable resource for job listings and training programs, helping humanitarians organizations to disseminate career and training opportunities to global audience.

Our team is committed to building new and better digital products and services. In ReliefWeb Labs, we continue to experiment with better ways to share information for today’s humanitarians.

With distributed teams managed out of our offices in Bangkok (Thailand), Nairobi (Kenya) and New York (USA), ReliefWeb works around the clock, continuously collecting the latest information on ongoing crises and keeping an eye out for emerging situations.

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